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Onto the Supertest: the CS 52

Polish Medium Tanks

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Dwigt #1 Posted 03 June 2020 - 11:59 AM

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Greeting fellow tankers,

A vehicle from an all-new Polish branch is to enter the Supertest soon: the CS 52, a Tier VIII medium tank.


CS 52.jpg


The newcomer’s 105-mm gun deals an average of 320 damage points with a single shot. It is able to pierce 208 mm of enemy armor with a basic shell and 252 mm with a special APCR round. The Pole’s gun takes 10.5 seconds to load and 2.3 seconds to aim, and has an accuracy of 0.36.

The view range of the CS 52 is 380 m. 

The armor is up to 190 mm thick at the front of the turret; the upper glacis plate of the hull has 80 mm of steel with an HP pool of 1,300 points. The maximum speed of the tank is 50 km/h, and its specific power is 17 hp per tonne. 




Overall, the CS 52 is much like the T-44 and the T-54 which are very well known to the players. The Pole is a classic medium tank with a well-rounded gun, good dynamics and decent survivability. It is able to handle a broad range of tasks, joining in the attack of other medium tanks or helping the heavies to defend if necessary.


So let's give it warm welcome!

baratoz1701 #2 Posted 03 June 2020 - 01:52 PM

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t-44 is much better, except for viewrange and alpha/pen (similar gold pen). hull is worse, much worse hp/ton, lower topspeed and much worse reverse, lower dpm, worse gun depression, probs got more turret weakspots too, aimtime/accuracy, and i would imagine much worse gun handling hidden stats due to the higher calibre


At least give it 1 or 2 more upsides over the normal t-44 to make them balanced

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leggasiini #3 Posted 03 June 2020 - 01:55 PM

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Looks really...generic, all things considered. It's pretty much just a T-44 with a bit punchier gun but with worse everything else. Really surprised that you didn't go with the speed booster gimmick on tier 8-9 like you did with the tier 10. I'm personally not a big fan of the mechanic, but at least it would make this and other tanks far more unique. As this tank currently is...it doesn't stand out at all to me. It doesn't even have the historical value, so I don't know how it is supposed to be unique. Maybe this game has gone to the point where there are so many gimmicky tanks that a very generic tank like this ends up being unique.


Want to see how the other tanks are but can't say I'm too excited for the line to be honest, I would've liked to see the mediums to be like medium versions of the heavies (so decent turrets, good gun depression and excellent alpha damage; a tier 10 medium with +490 alpha damage would've been very interesting as long as it was balanced accordingly with worse DPM and so on).

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falcon_96 #4 Posted 03 June 2020 - 03:05 PM

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So it is a Lansen C that trades DPM, gun depression and a bit of acceleration to gain turret armor? I don't think giving it 360 alpha instead of 320 will make it OP, considering the reload time.

feies_vlad #5 Posted 03 June 2020 - 03:45 PM

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Looks interesting imo. Good thing it's not another OP prem, I'l give you that WG. :)

tajj7 #6 Posted 03 June 2020 - 05:37 PM

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Seems a bit odd to have a new mechanic but it's not on the tier 8? Siege mode for the Swedes is on the tier 8 med and TD, 'turbo' mode is on the tier 8 WV, Double shot is on the tier 8 double barrel tank, I thought with these new mechanics the tier 8 was supposed to the introduction to it? 

Dr_Wycior #7 Posted 03 June 2020 - 09:20 PM

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But Czech TVP lacks the autoreloading mechanics. And Japanese MT are getting hydraulic suspension on TX only.


Just You wait for an OP premium on the 8 tier.

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saxsan4 #8 Posted 04 June 2020 - 02:15 PM


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I think the pen is too high


Pershing, has lower pen and lower dmg, One should be sub 200, this is very much power creep

Wuhan_Warrior #9 Posted 04 June 2020 - 05:09 PM


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Bit of a joke, has half the ammo capacity of the lansen, in reality the turret armor wont even be that much of an improvement given the ricochet ability of the lansen and 2 seconds longer reload.
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View Postsaxsan4, on 04 June 2020 - 02:15 PM, said:

I think the pen is too high


Pershing, has lower pen and lower dmg, One should be sub 200, this is very much power creep

Love how conveniently breeze over the fact that it has almost twice the reload time of the Pershing with worse gun handling, less view range, less gun depression, less HP...

mikoezx #10 Posted 04 June 2020 - 10:27 PM


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It weak stats, 


Buff it then balanced.


DPM - Around 1850 to 1982.46   (Supertest 2 been buffed DPM is 1906.9)

Reload - 10.5 to 9.68   (Supertest 2 been buffed reload is 10.1)

Increase the ammo capacity 35 to 40


it's as bit ok fast, but not as quick to accelerate as the Primo Victoria Strv 81, also T-44, T-44-100 and T-54 first prototype are fastest than this new Poland medium tank.


Thumb up :great::B


undutchable80 #11 Posted 08 June 2020 - 06:48 AM

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The tier 8 premium has seen some changes. In addition, the option of installing a Vertical Stabilizer has been restored.

Rate of fire: 5,959   6,52 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 906,9   2 086
Damage per minute for HE shell: 2 503   2 738
Reload time: 10,068 s   9,20 s

Shell speed: 822 m/s   980 m/s

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation: 0,115   0,1;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 4,95   4,48;

Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/06/07/supertest-%f0%9f%87%b5%f0%9f%87%b1-cs-52-changed-stats/

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