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Which are the best non-premium tanks for the CAMPAIGN MISSIONS?

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Torpsi #1 Posted 06 June 2020 - 05:02 PM


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Hi guys,


In several posts and polls - both from me and from others - I was looking for the strongest non-premium tanks. Among others, I was looking for them to complete the campaign missions. However, I guess there is a difference between the "strongest tanks on battlefield" (like in my recent poll or the one from undutchable80 [please vote if you haven't yet]) and the "best tanks for the campaign missions".


Since I do not want to start another poll but get your unbiased answers, I would like to know from you which non-premium tanks you consider to be best to "easiest" fulfill the campaign missions. Please state

  • 1 or 2 tanks per class
  • ideally one suggestion around tier 6-8 and
  • one suggestion at tier 9 or 10.


Thanks in advance!





EliteDirk121 #2 Posted 06 June 2020 - 06:32 PM


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Hey, I myself completed quite a few missions and these are some tech tree tanks I used to get my missions done.


Heavy tank (blocking) missions:

Personally, I had much trouble with heavy tank missions because in the past I hardly ever played heavies. So let me give you advice that helped me through it (and also made me appreciate German heavies more)

I completed some blocking missions pretty easily using the VK 100.01P. IMO an underestimated super heavy with a strong cupola. If you know how to angle the tank it is really good at farming blocked damage.

Why I think the VK 100.01P is a better tank for these blocking missions than the Maus, is for two reasons.

1. People tend to spam a lot more gold at you in tier 10 matches (driving the Maus), so bouncing shells will be more tricky.

2. The VK 100.01P has much less HP, so you can block much less to still complete the missions, as these blocking missions scale per tank.


Light tank missions:

Since the harder light tank missions demand tonnes of spotting, you should play your highest tier light tanks as possible. Preferably lights with good view range and mobility.
I think for tier 7 the T71 CMCD is a good pick, for tier 10 you should pick the EBR if you have that one, otherwise float your boat. All tier 10 lights are crapexcept for the EBR.

You should carefully check out your mission before grinding one mindlessly. Check out if the mission is easier to do at a lower tier, or at a higher tier.


Medium tank missions:

These missions are very different from each other from what I can remember. When you are grinding personal missions, I assume you have quite a few tanks in your garage, and also quite a few mediums probably.

Analyze your selected mission thoroughly and try to decide for yourself which tank is the most capable for achieving the mission.

When you need to make kills, you are probably best off picking the lowest tier possible. When you need to farm a lot of damage on TD's, you are best off taking your highest tier medium.

Some suggestions of tanks you can hardly go wrong with:

Cromwell, fast tank with fast reload. Good for tracking opponents, good for grinding kills as well.

T-44, versatile medium which can do a lot. Very flexible and fun to play in general.

Batchat 25t, I found myself using this tank to complete the missions where I needed to damage TD's, you can really ambush the tanks you want to ambush perfectly because of the clip.


Tank Destroyer missions:

Basically, you want to pump out as much damage as possible, but TD missions also require stealthy gameplay.

Ideally, take the Swedish TD's for the stealth missions. If you don't have those, don't worry. Any tank will do if you just know how to use your minimap and standard bush mechanics.

Take your highest damaging TD's for the high damage missions.

Tanks I used to complete high damage missions in:

The SU 152, the ISU 152 and the Charioteer. (mostly because I didn't have many other tanks suitable for TD missions (IIRC about 3 to 4 years ago). Still got through them though.)


Artillery missions:

Ah, everyone hates playing artillery (i hope)

Don't bother with ANY nation other than the USA.

You should be good to go with the M44, M12 and M53/M55 for the missions up to the object 260.

I myself haven't actually completed the SPG-15 missions of the T55a and the Object 260, because I genuinely hate artillery.


This is my guide to completing missions. I recommend analyzing your missions and picking tanks suitable for them if you want to get them done quickly. Otherwise, just select a mission with very general requirements.

I tried to explain everything briefly, but it is quite hard apparently lol

There are probably a lot of better ways to complete the missions, but so far I have been successful with this method.

Good luck




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