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Daily missions repeating every time

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DalekMk #1 Posted 07 June 2020 - 06:02 PM


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I noticed a bug regarding daily missions rewards, which is :

Everytime you draw a new 20.000cr. mission, the chances do get a new 20.000cr. reward are about 100% if the game is just launched. So I had only 20.000cr. missions during 15 consecutive times!

This makes me (and some friends) play only from 10pm for not that much time and getting useless missions is disapointing. To counter this, I chose to draw the other missions, wait  for 4 hours, then try again in the middle.


A fix, I'm suggesting to Wargaming staff is to do a sampling without replacement of rewards. My arguments:

- This will increase player's experience, who wishes to get a different reward while drawing

- Players can play earlier, and more

- (for business) More a player is playing, more are the chances he wants to spend money, so more benefits for WG ;-)


If you agree with this, bring this up to the staff !

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