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Are there any tanks which were developed by Hungary after the Second WW?

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bbrkrisztian #1 Posted 10 June 2020 - 12:34 AM


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I started to make a Hungarian tech tree because I was bored and wanted to start a bigger project. Here you take a look at how it stands right now. As you can see I'm able to recreate the official GUI and the theme of the game, by the way, it took a lot of time so please respect my work! :)

The Toldi III and the Turán III port. is already in the game, to let you know about a bit from the others, below you can take which in-game tank is similar to the Hungarian ones.


I wanted to keep them close to fit into the vanilla game, but remember, these are not the characteristics of the tanks, they only competing with them. For example, the Tas is mostly based on the Panther, but it's playing style is completely separate, it has a different gun and thicker armour.


Back to my question, I would like to know if there were any Hungarian tanks, that was developed after WWII? I mean I know about the Straussler MBT (which was only a plan, and it was rejected), and the PSZH's (wheeled vehicles), and the T-55AMH, but the latter was a pretty modern tank with laser-odometer etc., and also it is a Ukrainian/Soviet development. So I'm interested in this because I want to know if there are any other tanks I can expand the Tech Tree with. I did a lot of research, unfortunately, didn't found any other information.

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