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New Equipment 2.0

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MaNoInvader #1 Posted 10 June 2020 - 04:42 AM


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How and Why should work?

I played a lot games at sandbox test with the new equipment with a variety of tanks and this is my full feed back .


HOW... removing the fire power equipment ( Gun rammer , ventilation ) and sure every one had those items with bond with refund the bond and who had it with improve class will freely choose different item to improve . 


WHY... simple why should I be less competitive to have more speed , hit point , fast repair or even more accuracy  when I can fire faster and kills what in front of me .


I have to admit with current mater it could work with some tanks that have specific row like the Maus , EBR , Strv 103 b or any spg tank but the variety of the tanks ( Gun rammer , ventilation) will be the main items .

thank you

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