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Change battle duration limit?

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Stubborn82 #1 Posted 10 June 2020 - 10:05 AM


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My question is very simple. What's the point of having 15min long battles?

Two thirds of the battles nowadays don't even more than 3 min, so what's the point of the 15min limit? If WG wants to promote fast pace games they simply need to decrease it down to 5, 10 or whatever else.

And.... they shouldn't forget to introduce new tank line(s) more suitable for the new game style/meta.
Here's my suggestion:
New Soviet wheeled vehicles with :

  1. 120mm heavily slopped armor on all sides,
  2. 90km/h speed limit
  3. maneuverability of 90s racing arcade games
  4. 3-barreled guns with perfect stabilization and auto-aim that hit for 400 every 3sec each.

Forget that, they can instead "think" of an SPG with similar characteristics but with 182mm guns instead.

Only then we could have even slight opportunity of actually experiencing "good" games very once in a while.
Otherwise it's pointless to even start the game nowadays. Especially, joining a game with one of the heavy hitting, 20sec reloading, tanks. 4-5 shots and the game is over already.


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