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279 missions tips and tricks

279 second front campaign coallition missions Union missions bloc missions alliance missions

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ChuckNorris_s_Father #1 Posted 10 June 2020 - 03:41 PM


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Union mission (USSR and China tanks)

-Union1/ Invaluable Assistance
lt432 or lt100
-union 2/ Effective Fire
su-130pm or isu152k (basically a tank with potential high dmg or a medium tank)
-union 3/ Not a step back
do 15 kills in 10 battles,sounds easy but it's not, keep reseting the mission till you get like a top gun or a high number of kills and then you can  continue.( ex. 6 kills in 1st battle the you have 9 battles more to do 9 kills)
-Union4/You will not break trough
Is7,defender,705a. Same keep reseting it till you get a high number of bounces from 1st mission then you can continue.Ideally u will have a battle in a T6 MM where u will stay back a bit and let the magic happens.
-Union 5/ Heroic triple
top 3 players in battle by damage,140,430u,907 or something that you feel confident with.
-Union 6/ Don't stop me now
3 times out of 7 u must have the most kills. Either you stay back and do kill steal in a medium arty or fast td to keep up with the rest of the team or you are confident enough to do your kills.(Can be done in a platoon, your team mates lower them and you take the kills)
-Union 7/ Is there anyone there
Can be done in an arty or with a high caliber gun in the game when you meet paper tanks switch to HE
-Union 8/ Lone wolf
earn fire for effect 7 out of 10.You need a high caliber TD like su-130pm or isu152,isu152k.or lt432.Basically you need to do your tank HP in damage.
-Union9/Open season
3 kills 2 times in a row. Same like Union 6. either you stay back and kill steal or finish the first part freeze the mission and when you feel confident enough continue it.
-Union 10/ I am a rock
Keep restarting till you get a good start and then continue.Can be done in an 268v4 if you are not in the first line, same as for heavies.
-Union 11/ Shoot'em to pieces
Can be completed in a medium or light tank. Basically in a fast reloading gun, you need penetrations not high damage.t-44,obj140,lt-432,lttb,t62,t55a
-Union 12/ Every possible assistance
Can be done in a t8+ light tank,restart the mission till you get a high number of kills from the first battle, don't rush to finish the mission in the first attempt, freeze it if it is not working and continue it when you get the consecutive wins in a row.
-Union 13/ The moment of glory
Earn top gun(min 6 kills in a battle) 2 times out of 12 battles. Same, keep reseting the mission till you start with a top gun. then freeze it do some normal randoms and when you get the wins strikes activate it again.There is more success in a medium tank or in a platoon.
-Union 14/ Heavy rain
Activate the grand battles and same reset till you start with a good battle, Ideally obj 261 arty.( i didn't bother,I've completed it with orders)
Union 15/The pride of the Union
If you are good enough it can be done in the first attempt with t34-2. This tank is so bad that almost no one is playing it, with 2k+ dmg and some spotting assist will get you class1 easy.

Do not attempt to finish one mission in one go, freeze it after 1-2 wins continue after some battles, for example my win rate pattern is 2 looses 3 wins ,3 looses 4 wins.Pause the mission when your looses starts and continue it later or the next day.

Block(Germany, Japan)

-Block 1/Smoking barrel
Cause 3,5k dmg 3 battles in a row
Grille,scorpion,jpe-100,leopard. Sit back, don't iolo , reset till you start with a win and either you are an unicorn to do it 3 times in a row or freeze it and continue when confident.
-Block2/The diamond armor
Can be done in an vk100.1p.
-Block3/ The punisher
3 kills in a battle 2 times out of 5.Reset till you start with a completed mission.tanks to use? scorpion,leopard,grille.
-Block4/The willing heart
Light tank and a platoon, you spot they shoot. Ideally platoon with some good players that can hit what you spot.Hard to get it done in randoms on your own.
-Block5/Flying High
Average of 3k dmg per battle for 10 battles.Grille,scorpion,jpe-100,leopard.Reset till you get a good start and do not attempt it in one go 10 battles in a row,If you can do 3k+ 10 battles in a row you are good enough and you have the 279 already, otherwise do 2-3 battles pause the mission continue later on next day. I did it in Grille with binoculars food and improved modules.
-Block 6/Again and again
Do 3 kills 2 battles in a row. Either in a platoon, you are good enough for 3 kills or a kill stealer camper.
-Block 7/Termination
Make the most kills in Battle 3 times out of 9.Grille, scorpion or leopard, sit back with popcorn and let them come.
-Block8/The hole punch
Minimum of 7 penetrations in a battle 3 times in a row. If you are not an unicorn, double tap the 2 key in a leopard from the redline.
-Block9/The guiding star
Can be done in a light tank but it's painful since the spotting damage is shared now.Same start with a good mission and then try to anticipate the open map rotations and wins.or if you are an arty player, focus where your team pushes and track the enemies.
-Block 10/The good Samaritan
TD or mediums.Ideally at the beginning when you unlock a tank, you get a bit more soft battles to ace the tank.Don't rush , aim twice shoot once. Either fast reloading gun or high caliber gun.leopard, grille,scorpion have  good dpm.
Can be done easy in arty or load HE in a TD and shoot at different targets all the time.
-Block12/A knight in a shinning armor
Top player by damage blocked, at least 1k.
Can be done in an vk100.1P
-Block13/Hand of the master
Destroy on average 2 tanks per battle for 10 battles.
Start with a top gun mission do few more and pause it.Check in what tank you have a good average kills per battle.
-Block 14/ The sky is the limit
Top player in your team by damage,Again grille, leopard, scorpion double tap the 2 key to increase your chances,if you start a win strike like 3-4 battles in a row take medium tank if you are on a loosing spree take a TD and sit back.
-Block 15/As easy as ABC
Mastery class1 badge or higher 3 times out of 20.
Can be done in a black bulldog(m41gf) with 2.5k+dmg and 2.5k+ spot will give you a class 1 badge.



-Alliance 1/ A sure shooter
Earn fire for effect 5 out of 10.
Basically do damage more that your tank HP. Can be done in an arty like conq.gc,fv4005,deathstar,t92-light,t49.
-Alliance2/Among the best
Top 3 players in your team by damage
Double tap the 2 key on a deathstar or fv4005 do 3 penetrations and you will be for sure in top 3 by damage.Otherwise a cent AX might do the job as well.
-Alliance3/Always on duty
Can be done in an t49 derp gun, spot and track or t92 light tank.Bulldog as well might do the work but the main requirement is to have a very good crew and tank maxed out.
-Alliance4/Just warming up
Cause 30k+ damage in 10 battles.
Do you know what a deathstar or fv4005 can do with HESH? Reset till you start with an OP damage mission and then continue.
-Alliance 5/Stunning performance
fv207 with the t7 gun, you need fast reload and stuns not damage.
-Alliance6/Reliable Ally
Earn confederate 2 out of 7.
take the fv207 again and share 1 hit to each enemy player.this will give you the confederate.
-Alliance 7/In armor we trust
-Alliance8/Simple geometry
Destroy 30+ internal modules or crew in 10 battles.High caliber gun and HE. Deathstar,fv4005 with hesh will do the job
-Alliance9/Seeing Stars
Can be done with a conq gc but u need at least 150 seconds stun per battle, and nowadays a battle lasts 5 minutes, you don't have the time to reload fast enough to do the stun.For me was painfull so i pass it with orders.
-Alliance 10/ Unlocking potential
Cause 2 time more dmg than the hit points of your vehicle.Easy, use arty, both uk and usa are good for this.
-Alliance 11/ The right place at the right time
Support your team where is pushing and try to stun them.
-Alliance12/ Rock Solid
Be the top player in battle by damage blocked 3 times out of 7.
Again reset and pause mission a lot of time will be required till you get the perfect map for the tank. either a hull down S.Conq. or a second line badger or e3.What i found useful is to shoot HE in their gun to take out the accuracy that increases your chances to bounce.
-Alliance 13/Big Shark
Top 3 players in battle by exp. earned 3 times in a row.Easy Play light tank in God mode,t49 with derp gun or t92 light tank will do the job.
-Alliance 14/Welcome to my collection
Cause damage to 30 vehicles in 7 battles.
Arty might do the work by focusing all the time on different targets.
-Alliance 15/For the alliance
Receive the Mastery badge class 1 or higher.
That was a bif painful as well but is doable in a t28 proto or t92 light tank.On proto you need a 3.5K+ dmg and on light about 5k combined.


Coalition (France,Czech,Sweden,Italy)

-Coalition 1/Ruthless Warior
Earn the top gun 3 out of 10.
Progetto 46,pantera44,progetto 56,bc25t. Basically a drum loader or a fast reloading tank that can take a low hp tank out in 1 clip.
-Coalition2/The top gun
Cause 3k damage 3 times in a row
strv103bushwanker or tvp will do the work, as well progetto 65.
-Coalition 3/The war horse
Earn total of 5 rewards in battle heroes. The most easy i think is confederate.take the french arty lorr or bc and shoot at least 6 targets. That will give u the confederate award.
-Coalition 4/A crushing blow
Destroy at least 30 modules or crew members over 10 battles.I have done it in a foch 155 full HE or you can try in an arty. Keep reseting till you get a good start or if you don't have the tanks when you are against a weaker tank shoot HE at it( cupola, engine).
-Coalition 5/I Will be your shield.
Block 30 enemy hits over 10 battles.
Again I did it in foch155 but it can be done in tier 9 french heavy m4 51, or amxm4 liberte that can be bought with bonds from shop.
-Coalition 6/Stiletto
75+ penetration hits over 10 battles, can be challenging but doable in a t8 tank.You need fast reload and pen not high dmg. Progetto46,pantera44,bc12t.You need at lest 8 penetration per battle, this means 2 clips.
-Coallition7/Nothing personal, it's just business
2 kills per battle 3 battles in a row.
Same take a fast/drum loading tank focus on low targets.Less words kill steal.
-Coalition8/ My duty never ends
Light tanks, keep reset till you start with a completed mission. I found it easier in a t92 light than any other.
-Coalition 9/ let their fate be a lesson to you.
You need to do damage to at least 4 tanks per battle.Can be done with an arty focusing different tangets in an ebr with HE. Basically 1 shoot each:D share the damage.
 -Coalition 10/ You cannot hide
1.5k+ upon your spotor detrack.Either stay passive in a bush with a light or active spotin with t49 derp gun and aiming for tracks.
-Coalition 11/Lord of destruction
Top player in battle by tanks destroyed 3 times out of 9.
tvp,progetto65,bc25t.sit back watch the minimap see the weak flanks aim low targets.
-Coalition 12/A little bit of everything
Enable your alli to destroy 7 tanks over 10 battles.
This is for passive scout in prokhorovka but it comes once every 25 battles on map rotation, so keep restarting till you get there. Again i found it more easy in a t92 light tank than any other.Any other light tank will get overspoted by anything.
-Coalition 13/Just getting started.
Cause double the damage of your hit points 3 battles out of 7.
Any french T8+ arty.
Coallition14/ King of the Hill.
Top player in the battle by damage caused 3 out of 5.
tvp, strv,progetto and mare sure you pen your shots, don't shoot just to get rid of the shell.
-Coalition 15/Way to go
Mastery badge class 1 or above 3 out of 20.
Can be done in a bc12t full gold.A 5k combined will give you the class 1 badge,or if you are an arty player a lorr might do the job.I did it on first attempt in a 12t.

Some advice for you people. Don't try to finish one mission in one go, have a good start, pause it do some other mission in a different block then come back and continue. This involve a lot of nerves frustration and rage quit but can be done.For me it was easier with the above tanks but for you might work with something else.Going for mastery badges, check on that week the average damage, you will find out that is different from week to week.
This depends of how many good players are playing with that tank.The higher the tanks stats in the weekly score the harder is for you to get a mastery badge.The missions can be done a bit easier if you have some friends that are platooning with you, it can help a lot but if you are a lone wolf like me then might take months to unlock the tank.
I do apologize for the mistype or if some words are spelled wrong.If u liked my article and I helped you somehow and you want to help me back :D feel free to send a small gift to my in game nickname'' ChuckNorris_s_Father '' on EU server.
















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