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Launcher walhalla

unneeded launcher spyware

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ubronan #1 Posted 13 June 2020 - 12:47 PM


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I really do not like that i am forced to install another spyware launcher.

Its amazing how irritating every program developer has become.

All force you to install these multi launcher nonsense which i do not want to use i actually might stop with this game sooner than later again for multiple years.

The reason too many using cheats and addons which they never detect, the so called security allways will be nonsense.

But what annoys me even further is that i can not install wot without this monstrousity called the wargaming launcher.

I do not want it nor need it, no i am never going to look at anything other than wot so its ridiculous and AGAIN not needed.

Especially because it constant adds itself to the system start which i do not want or need either.

But maybe i should not care too much about it after i came bakc to find nothing has changed my rating is now dropping even faster than before i left this game to rot in its cheating walhalla state.

I actually know many so called players who do use the aimbots and other cheats so they get high stats and can brag that they are so good in this game.

Its however so funny that they cry and swear for the loudest as another person kills them with a better cheat or luck whatever comes first.

However thats not the only thing miss in this game, i detected that it all became worse than the moment i left this game pretty angry that i spend way too much on this ............. (fill in the blancs) lots of dark and nasty words fit.

In the beginning this game was fun and even when you lost, you saw funny remarks from people.

Now the only remarks is see are swearing and alot of unreadable words which look to be russian or something.

Those seem to have very good cheats because they almost allways are on the winning side.

So since that time not much has changed, so yes i am pissed at myself that i spend a small fortune on this stupid game and bought loads of gold tanks which only are good when they get launched later in game they are only good for the opposite sides to blow away and laugh at the stupid buyers.

Ill stop my rant here and it probably will be the last thing i do at this game as well.

Because i am pretty sure that when the premium days are over i am again fed it with this crap and uninstall the whole thing again


Joggaman #2 Posted 13 June 2020 - 01:14 PM

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The only need I have for the gamecenter is when there is a new patch. 
I always start the game through the  .exe file I have on a desktop shortcut. No problems, and no malware. 

In the gamecenter settings you can make it so it doesn't start automatically with windows. 

Nishi_Kinuyo #3 Posted 13 June 2020 - 01:24 PM

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OK boomer.

Welcome to modern gaming.


But really, you're exchanging one launcher for a different one in case of WoT.

And the "new" one lets you perform various features ontop such as, oh, I dunno, checking how good the game runs on your PC or how good your connection is (through WGCheck).

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