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THE ELC EVEN 90 Gun CARRIER FIT! Now its gun is good aswell

elc even 90

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SirHavocLIVE #1 Posted 13 June 2020 - 02:07 PM

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I love the ELC EVEN 90 but to be honest, after buying the Tier 8 Premium EBR I found the EVEN 90 lacking in the damage department and missing easy shots it should hit. As such I find myself playing it less and less. Especially as many maps do not offer the opportunities to scout effectively and even the ones that do offer variable results due to the players on my team.  I do prioritise my scouting role and do my best to gather intel, however, I play a lot of lights and I like the offensive abilities lights have mid to late game.

I recently had a play on the Sandbox server and set out to make the EVEN 90 gun dangerous, it has now evolved onto the EU server with a fit I am currently using, I use a directive and improved gear and oh my god it feels sick and dangerous and can hit its shots and hit stuff on the move, the circle is small and mega responsive!!!

The problem the EVEN 90 faces is that its clip reloads every 2.5 seconds but it takes 3.5 seconds to aim in, that's means to fire the clip on 7.5 seconds the second and third shot are not fully aimed and you have to wait extra time which means you either fire fewer shots or get hit because you are overexposing yourself.

With this fit, you aim in full just before the next shot is ready to fire, which means you can place 3 fully aimed shots downrange, also because the circle is like over 30% smaller than normal AND is mega responsive you can now with a bit of management quite reliably hit shots on the move!!!  in one of the videos below you actually see me put in 2 shots into an EBR 75 FL and see it off.

I hope it helps, it won't be for everyone but its now currently my favorite tank once again.



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