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Progressive Decals - Not transfering over?

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Ratriq #1 Posted 17 June 2020 - 03:26 AM

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Hi, yes I'm still alive, and I've gone back to playing wot again, anywho, saw this new feature called "progressive decals" which allows you to show off earnable emblems which shows how much you've achieved in a specific tank. I thought this was quite cool since it does add another layer in personalizing a tank with "veteran" stuff since before we really only had marks which showed off your dpg achievements.

Now, again, I really like this, especially since we can put these emblems on skins which make skins customizable now, finally. But I noticed, for some reason, these decals don't account for previous achievements, which is a real shame but also just honestly weird. Since why shouldn't they account for that, those achievements are still real, ain't they? and still earned in the same tank? and earned by the same player?

Sure some are easy, some or less so for specific tanks, but in all in all, it's mostly just tedious. Like I've already almost completed all of these probably in my KV-2.

But some are just time-consuming, like destroying 1000 tanks in total to get the lvl 5 reaper decal, or playing 600 battles in the specific tank to get the "battle-hardened" lvl 5 decal.

It's also extra tedious knowing some of the stuff I've gotten in my lovely kv-2 are purely out of mostly luck since what kind of tank it is and how it's played, like earning a top gun, since the kv-2 is lucky to even get to hit 6-7 tanks in a battle cause of its slowness/slow reload time.

But also, know this is off-topic, but finally got my damn togger the second, only took me a couple of years, and now I can disguise it as a hot dog too!


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qpranger #2 Posted 17 June 2020 - 08:10 AM

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Do frags, not decals.

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