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Valentine II

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Steeleye_Spam #1 Posted 23 June 2020 - 02:36 PM

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Well, got this in the Valentine's day tank rewards, and its turned into my best light tank (and probably tank) by WN8 and one of the best by XP (better than most T8 and above..). The armour is very good at T4, and the gun is okey... when you load gold. That's pretty much a necessity, as you are so slow that flanking is not usually an option, and the standard penetration is poor. Still, I've probably had more top place games in this than any other tank. And that's down to the armour, and the fact that nearly all T3s and most T4s will really struggle to dent it. You struggle to take out fellow Val IIs, Matildas and B2s. Matilda's in particular are you main bete-noire as they can pen you easily.


Playing games back at this level I'm very struck that you can almost guarantee that the last tanks standing in a T4 (and often T5) game will be a combination of the above tanks. I think this is partly because a lot of players don't know how to deal with armour, and basically because most other same-tier tanks are totally outclassed by said armour, even if they do have good guns.

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