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HWK 30

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HWK30 vs LT432

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geoff99 #1 Posted 28 June 2020 - 11:13 AM

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Hi all,


Thought we needed a thread for the tier 8 german premium light, the HWK 30.


I bought mine yesterday and am enjoying it so far. But that's partly because I've had a very good initial run of games, and had excellent results (23 games, 65% wr, 1.4k dpg). After 100+ games I expect dpg to stay at 1.4 , but wr can't stay that high. I'll be very pleased if it is 58%+. Note that I have a good crew and nearly the best equipment that bonds and credits can buy.


vs LT-432 (my most played tank)

 - HWK much more effective at range; good gun depression, very good view range, good standard round, APCR, alpha

 - HE round with 102pen 320dmg awesome vs light targets; far more reliable than LT's 44mm pen HE round

 - agility/speed seems very similar

 - clearly HWK, with paper armour has to stay at distance and can only go in close when target is isolated or distracted. LT more flexible and can do much more at shorter ranges

 - LT can bully lower tiers with its workable armour; HWK gets penned by everything

 - HWK dispersion seems mediocre. Not sure if it really is or if its just the wait for the gun to aim is more critical as you have zero turret armour and can't wait to get a good shot

Conclusion: not sure which is best. Both good; LT more forgiving but peashooter gun gets annoying. HWK seems more relaxing as its less flexible so you have to stay at range and leave the brawling to armoured tanks; so you can't help critical plays in mid game; but also you stay alive longer and can spot/ridge snipe/assassinate late game.


vs Blackdog

 - HWK better vr, shell speed acceleration, lower profile, much better acceleration, better gun depression

 - but HWK wider and longer

Conclusion: HWK appears significantly better


vs EBR

 - not really comparable as completely different tanks with different playstyles. But EBR gives me a headache as you have to think all the time. HWK much easier to play.


vs HWK12

 - that's just silly


That's all for now. Would be good to compare notes on different equipment set ups, play styles (if there's more than one), instructive replays etc


Poll added vs LT to see others' views. Can add other tanks on request, but none others seem comparable.



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