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Balancing CW by vehicle lock

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Thrombozyt #1 Posted 29 June 2020 - 09:54 AM

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So after nearly 5 years of break, I returned to that game and it seems, that the "OKish" balance of CW has further degraded. From talking to players in clans and reading in the forums, multiple problems lead to a rather unhealthy meta. These problems range from the EBR 105 just completely upending the scouting game to campaign reward tanks like the Chieftain being too advantageous to lower tier CW/skirmish being dominated by premium tanks (Cromwell B, 34-85-M, Progetto, Defender).


This is actually messing with player motivation from what I have observed. I understand, that it's hard to balance vehicles and especially premium vehicles that have been payed for. However, CW availability is a very easy fix to reign in overly dominant vehicles. The concept is simple:
Lets say for calculation purposes that there are 31 Tier 10 vehicles. Standard lock is 72 hours (3 days) currently. Each time a tank is destroyed, the tank lock is applied and then the lock period for that tank is increased by 30 minutes and the lock period of all other vehicles is decreased by 1 minute. The lock periods are updated daily (so the exact second a tank is destroyed doesn't matter). The system will rapidly move to an equilibrium, as second tier and even third tier tanks are used when top tier tanks are not available. The 93 days will become distributed over the hypothetical 31 vehicles. So top tier vehicles will see lock times of around 5-10 days, second string vehicles will see lock times similar to the current one, while vehicles not really used in CW will have lock periods of less than a day.
The result:

  • High demand tanks will be locked for a long time, low demand tanks will be locked for a very short time.
  • Clan Commander get a new challenge of deciding which tanks to allocate to a battle. If you can beat clans with sub-par tanks, it's worthwhile to keep the top vehicles for the important matches.
  • Field Commander get a new challenge using a wider array of tanks.
  • Players actually have chances to play the tanks they really love even if those aren't "meta" and that experience counts
  • For Wargaming, this provides a fresher meta, alleviates the need to re-balance premium vehicle that have come to dominate certain metas and provides further economy drain as players strive for more high tier vehicles and play those more to train crews. The high-power premium tanks are still highly sought after, but regular tanks especially in higher tier need to be trained and thus more players might pay for premium.

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