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and I thought the conway was bad

lets spaff 8m up the wall

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wobblybob #1 Posted 13 July 2020 - 01:22 AM

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Onto the last alliance mission for the chimera. Just got the 3D model for the FV4005 from the bizarre car thing. I had found the Conway at tier 9 to be utterly ineffective but just doing doubles its win rate was creeping up. That all ended today when I forgot how to play for a couple of hours as routinely happens. Having lost every game I rage sold the POS and bought the FV4005. Put the new shiny 3D model on then discover that WG decided to feck about with the crew to a ridiculous extent purely to force expenditure. (Just why the feck guys?)


Then tired to play the thing. Jesus, do they even play their own game? So it can occasionally do daft damage if the planets align. The reality is that most shots do around 600 every 20 odd seconds. But it is simply impossible to get anywhere with this thing as there are so many lights at tier now and usually arty. With all the well documented limitations of the tank it is simply unusable. (and yes ofc i am at edge of radius and 2x bushed)


To contrast, took 3 games in bobject to do union -15 with honours. I am all for some difference in tank play styles but making end of tier tanks this unbalanced is daft and frankly pissing on the players. The 183 is fine why is the FV run into the ground? The expected MoE score (and i find it incredible) of 1790 for 95% says it all. The tier 8 one is 2440....


If there is some mystic art on how to use this thing, do tell. 

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catlikehana #2 Posted 13 July 2020 - 08:36 AM

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Conway was great imo, if not a better improvement on the Charioteer (120mm is a superb gun for this tank).


I get where you are coming from with the FV though, it seems to be a downgrade from the last two options but it is still a nice end game solution and rounds off the UK TD line well.

I would have preferred a more mobile TD that compliments the Chari and Conway but for historical reasons, is far better than the FV4005 Stage 1 (a big relief they went with Stage II).


You aren't guaranteed 1750 all the time, a number of factors attribute to this including RNG to make it at least semi-fair to your opponents who are mostly -1/2.

600 damage is still damage dealt and not that bad of a tradeoff for just being able to hit anywhere on a tank.


It's no use comparing the FV to 268V4 or Charioteer as they are completely different tanks and playstyles and thus would of course offer varied results.

The FV could be in need of a buff again, maybe adding an alternate gun for dpm sake like the E100 but considering how good it was beforehand when buffed, caution needs to be taken.


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Gremlin182 #3 Posted 13 July 2020 - 12:46 PM

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Kept the conway because I just like to play it occasionally.

I use both guns depending on my mood whats not to like.


FV4005 Stage 2  yes that one I have a survival problem in paper armour tanks in high tiers need very careful play and decent camo.

The FV has no armour and no camo at all.

So add to careful play lots of luck and an good team and of course a good player.

Ill still play it though.


might buy back the tier 7 and 8 in that line when they are discounted on the 20th

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