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Need guidance for Indien-Panzer

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WhiteGoliath #1 Posted 14 July 2020 - 02:15 AM


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Dear players, I've playing WoT for quite some time but have had breaks that took years before I returned to the game.

As a younger player, I've enjoyed the german Hetzer line a lot, up to the Jagdpanther. Till I went into the leopard line.


But when I returned after a very long break, I did start playing a new kind of line, I went for the VK D. At first I was terrible with it, I had no idea how to play this tank as I was more used to the stealthy tank destroyer playstyle.

I soon learned that this line is nothing like that.


I'm not an experienced player, but I am a player that likes to learn the line I follow step by step an analyzing everything to little details to get the max advantage out of my tank and the decision.


VK30.02 D


I had a lot of struggle with the 2 VK D tanks, I did search up some information on them, even looking through older information on those tanks and it's line. Lots of players suggested that it was a good line for sniping. Though I did not really experience this as a proper sniper with the VK30.02 D though. I had a lot of struggle dealing with Russian tanks and me still kind of do in my Indien (VS, for example, Object 430 U)


I tried playing this tank with the derp gun but found it a bit of a disappointment, so I went with the long gun. According to Quickybaby his older videos, he explained that this tank was good at dodging and moving around the opponent to make em miss. I did find that this did not work at all, instead, I found that by angling its armor up against a hill, for example, it became much harder for the opponent to pen me, the turret was kinda trollish and very hard to deal with unless overmatched. So I learned that this tank was quite nice on slightly sloping hills, baiting the opponent pretty much But still found it a bit hard dealing with the tank at situations.




I fell in love with the tank, but I went in with a stealthy approach, as I would label this tank as a ''mobile sniper'', played pretty much half of the time with full concealment crew on it. This was partly because of suggestions from a friend as well.

Though after quite a few matches, pretty much 75% of them, I reconsidered and it completely changed the way I look at this tank.



Yes, it does offer good sniping, but it also offers good support from the back-line out of angled positions, only exposing the turret.


The monstrous gun depression allows it to get crazy positions, making it quite deadly on hill fights or anything that allows this tank to extend its depression to the max to cover up the whole body and just expose mantle, like rocks with side slopes or rubble. It sometimes got access through very small gaps only this tank can reach through its height, easy climbing (e.g. walls, rubble), and gun depression.


That said, it can combine those things as well with its maneuverability, it's pretty decent at snapshots or moving in and out quickly over a hill without too much loss on the accuracy if you've got a vertical stabilizer, smooth ride, and snapshot installed into the crew and tank.


If there's no way to abuse the gun depression properly like a flat city map or corner, you've got the option to side scrape, the tracks are able to eat the shots and the armor is surprisingly nice when angled. Though I do usually side scrape backward, so that I may expose the turret first instead of sticking out the back first.




The speed and mobility of this tank are pretty okay, it's fast at moving its position, but I found it has issues with acceleration, this goes for hill climbing as well, it's not so good at that. To compensate I've got Off-road Driving installed in my crew to deal with the poor acceleration of the tank.


Weak spots


I learned that my cupola is quite a weak spot, so in angled positions, I learn to raise my turret mantel over the sight of my cupola to cover it up and make their attempts on shooting the cupola very difficult by moving forward and backward the whole time (controlled only exposing my turret). I normally lock up gun upwards to prevent them from hitting my cupola during reload.


My build:















Conclusion and question


Short, it's a tank that asks you to expose yourself as little as possible and use the mantle on the front of the turret wisely, though it can't always do the job as it can still be penetrated.


Though, I've written this to show how much I'd already know and what I possibly do miss, if someone is able to give me an in-depth explanation, I would really appreciate it.


thanks a lot ^^

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WhiteGoliath #2 Posted 22 July 2020 - 10:18 AM


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still waiting for feedback

The_Naa #3 Posted 22 July 2020 - 01:15 PM


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View PostWhiteGoliath, on 22 July 2020 - 10:18 AM, said:

still waiting for feedback


this section of the forum is not as busy as it should be imo, so it can take time before someone notices your need for help. :popcorn:
i would love to tell you what i know but i have never played the indien panzer and it can be the same for others.

Thejagdpanther #4 Posted 22 July 2020 - 02:08 PM

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the tldr explanation is "sell it"

the in-dept explanation is "sell it asap"


glad i could help

JocMeister #5 Posted 31 July 2020 - 05:39 PM


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Its a pretty solid tank. Comparing it to the other techtree tier 8 MTs I would rate i pretty high. Its not really much to say as you play it like any other tier 8 MT. Support when mid/bottom tier. When top tier you use the VR and DPM and try to find a nice hulldown position. Obviously the armor is nothing to count on so minimum exposure.  


When I marked it I ran with rammer, vents and optics to maximize VR (I always do). I think the gun is good enough to not require V.stabs but it probably comes down to taste. 

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