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WOT TANK POLL for Streamer & Youtuber

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ChiLLetsplay #1 Posted 15 July 2020 - 05:14 PM

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Hi guys, 

i made a tank poll site on polls.wotstats.tk - for streamer or youtuber to let the viewers decide which tanks to play for the next stream/session, for example.


First you have to create an account:



After filling the form and submitting you get to this page: Now you have to check your mail (mostly spam folder to confirm)


This is how the mail looks, click the confirm link to create the account.


After you clicked the link you will be leaded to your admin page:


To make the first poll choose the duration of the poll and at least 2 tanks


After you made your tank choice confirm on the bottom of the page: (If you made a mistake renew the poll, the last one will be rewritten)


Your perma poll url is always the same and to find on top, left (1) of the admin page. The last ended poll result is also always on the same url to find (2).


This is how the tank poll page looks like for your viewer:


After your last poll ended click this link to view the result page:


And this is how the result page looks like: I show the top 20 voted tanks only, i think none need more for a session but we can change it in future easily:



Thats all folks, i hope the one or other find it useful - this service is for free, no charge or gifts expected.

This site is still in test phase, so if you find any mistake, please let me know. If you have any suggestions or questions post it here in the topic.


Thanks for the time your Chill <3




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