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clan wars

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General_Cheesburger #1 Posted 17 July 2020 - 07:57 AM


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I have some suggestions, my clan took part in the recent clan wars events, we are an 800+ ELO clan but are getting better. During the 2 week period we had 9 technical victories. Although the other team received a warning we did not receive any compensation, we were penalised because the other team did not turn up, it was not our fault. May I suggest that in these events in future the team that has the technical victory receives the average fame points of all the teams in the round achieved. May I also suggest that there are divisions in the clan wars event, ie, those with an ELO of 1000+ go in one and those with ELOs less than 999 go in another (perhaps for less fame points etc). Kind Regards

General_Cheesburger (Chris)

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