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Serious Proposal for Equipment 2.0 and Demounting Mechanics

Equipment 2.0 Demounting

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Galaxy_class #1 Posted 17 July 2020 - 06:47 PM

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There has been some debate concerning the implementation of Equipment 2.0 while still using the current demounting mechanics, (i.e. pay gold to demount or use a demounting kit). Therefore, I offer an alternative solution which I think at the same time would improve the feel of the game.


Currently, if you buy a piece of equipment for a tank, you can only remove this by either paying 10 gold or using the rather scarce demounting kits. This kind of made sense when there aren't many pieces of equipment worth mounting currently and experimentation is less of a requirement. It also ensures people can't just buy one piece of equipment and continuously move it between all owned tanks. But with this changing with Equipment 2.0 the old mechanism for demounting equipment may be archaic and becomes a negative experience players.


Solution: Every tank can have it's own dedicated depot like structure, say garage alcove or whatever sounds better, where any equipment the player buys for that tank can be demounted for free but cannot be sold or moved onto another tank until Gold or demounting kits are used. This way, players can buy multiple pieces of equipment for a particular tank they like and swap them around as they see fit but cannot move them between tanks without paying. At the moment, equipment is either on your tank or lumped in a huge generic depot which seems like an out of date mechanic imo.




1) Players will obviously gravitate towards favoured setups but if they want to take a break from the meta of the tank they created they can change it up and maybe go for a speed rush build, spotting build or something more survivable, increasing the enjoyability of the tanks they have.


2) It would encourage players to spend more credits on equipment. If you can have a variety of viable builds for each tank then people are more likely to spend credits on a variety of items and that means players more likely to buy Premium time or Premium tanks to earn these credits.


3) Different game modes may need differing setups for tanks that players owned. Being able to change your setups for different game types like Brawl, Frontlines, Ranked, Random battles etc could make people more likely to play those modes and buy additional equipment.


4) It would encourage greater experimentation with the new equipment. The current line seems to be that anyone who is at least partially interested in the Equipment 2.0 changes needs to go on the Test servers as soon as possible and work everything out there before it's too late. This seems an unacceptable limitation that is only suggested because the current game mechanics preclude anything different. I don't think anyone doubts that Random battles will be a different experience compared to the Test servers.


5) The "alcove" mechanic, (or Garage slot or whatever you want to call it), could be extended in the future to make a nicer space for each of your tanks that is more personal and brings together all the modifications, consumables, decals, skins etc your favourite tanks have rather than the current mish-mash of menus it currently is. It would also help make missions for specific tanks more obvious and interesting.


6) Would avoid having to only give players a blanket 30 demounting kits when Equipment 2.0 is introduced and ensure the game economy wasn't broken by selling massive amounts of equipment.




1) The only one I can see is development time. Given that War Gaming seem keen to introduce Equipment 2.0 quickly this may be an issue but maybe a temporary menu based solution based on my full solution above could be added in the meantime.


I think it is a fairly simple solution to the demounting massive amounts of equipment problem while making the game more interesting at the same time. At the end of the day it is a slightly different way of demounting equipment without just sending it all to the depot. Any thoughts? :)


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krismorgan #2 Posted 18 July 2020 - 08:27 AM

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Thanks for the bottom option :)

pihip #3 Posted 18 July 2020 - 08:56 AM


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I have another idea.

Stop asking for gold to demount equipment and allow us to do so free of charge.

Almost every pixel of this cursed game is monetized, there's a limit to things.

MrKrotchy #4 Posted 18 July 2020 - 11:51 PM


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View Postpihip, on 18 July 2020 - 08:56 AM, said:

I have another idea.

Stop asking for gold to demount equipment and allow us to do so free of charge.


Honestly I'd prefer this...


I don't think it would give players the ability to experiment any more than this system does and if you dislike how a tank plays with/without an equipment you still need to demount it otherwise it's just sitting there.


But it would give the option to make multiple builds to people who know what they want already... So I kinda like the idea?

Mike_Mckay #5 Posted 19 July 2020 - 10:16 PM


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The idea is clearly NOT a good one, I havent seen anybody complaining about equipment on the forums and its been one of the FEW parts of the game WG hasnt completely screwed up YET, but obviously it was on their "to do" list it seems so here we are


They "claim" its because the equipment is "underused", but offer no link between that and a need for NEW equipment whatsoever


In fact I predict the new equipment would be JUST as "underused" because for free to play players the fact you either lose half the silver you paid OR need to use gold to remove it is most probably the MAIN reason its not being used


Also, people with hundreds of tanks in their garage wont need nor want equipment sitting idly on each tank, especially ones that for various reason they no longer play and in WGs normal completely useless style I suspect they wont have factored that into their "discovery" of how many tanks dont have equipment on them


If they allowed the equipment to be removed for the same silver value as 10 gold then I suspect a LOT MORE players would be using the equipment on a LOT more tanks, but did they trial that first? Of course not because that would actually make sense and would be good for the game


So I suspect as with most things WG do this has nothing at all to do with what players want, what will "improve" the game or players enjoyment of it whatsoever and is either designed to drive away even more players or to try and squeeze even more money out off the ones they havent managed to drive away YET


The idea is dumb, the new equipment is dumb and the claim that its lack of variety stopping players from using the equipment we ALREADY have makes dumb thoughts look almost like genius ones in comparison


But WG being WG, I suspect they will still do it no matter how many players or content contributors point out that its dumb and will damage the game if introduced because the players seem to be the least of their concern most of the time which probably wont change until they finally drag the game to its eventual death throes by which time it will be too late as they appear to have been doing consistently with WOWP

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