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how do these progressive decals work?

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gunslingerXXX #1 Posted 26 July 2020 - 09:13 AM


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So I'm not overly interested in the progressive decal stuff itself, but I do find the choices WG seem to make interesting (or on some occasions I just don't understand). This time it's the progressive decals that I don't understand.


When introduced the first thing I got was an M for my tier 7 Leo. I knew the first one was for free so I put it on 'just to be done with it'. However now I've gotten two more aces, and now I have the second class thing unlocked... this one is not for free, which I understand. However now it seems I can not apply my level 1 ace anymore, seems odd? Also somehow the other level 1 things are available in my depot...



So do I understand it correctly that:

- you buy a certain level on a certain tank, this unlocks all types of stuff?

- once upgraded you can not go back to apply a previous decal?


And if i'm right:

- why?


nevermind, I'm dumb, it was on another season...



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