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Artillery replacement suggestion


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bjornsmith #1 Posted 01 August 2020 - 02:15 PM


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Artillery is a controversial subject to say it politely.


I don't mind artillery myself - sure I hate to get pummeled to death by "clickers" as haters love to call them, but in my opinion artillery serve a crucial purpose - I even "enjoy" to play artillery from time to time.


Some tanks/td's have such thick armor that they can "effectively" sit there all day long racking up one "steel wall" achievement after the other - artillery prevent this kind of behavior where heavily armored vehicles park their vehicle in a nice spot and just wait for prey to enter the killing zone.


Arties will force these behemoths to move when spotted unless they want to get pummeled by arty.


It was worse in the old days before arties got stun - in those days you could get one shotted "easily" by arty - I myself have been one shotted several times in a tier 8 heavy tank from 100% health - it is painful, but its a nice lesson.


MOVE when spotted, move after shooting, expect to be spotted, move or die.


People complain that they cannot know when they are being shot by artillery and that it is unfair that "clickers" can kill them with no risk. I can understand that - but artillery are not just click and kill - and when the remaining of the team is dead and only artillery are left, artillery have no way to defend them selves - so its "risk" with "rewards".


Anyway - back to the proposal:


I propose that player controlled artillery is removed from the game entirely - and replaced by "off map computer controlled" artillery.


Artillery will be "activated" by player interaction - when a tank has been spotted a new option will be available when aiming "Request fire support"/Artillery strike".


When that has been done,  a flare will be thrown at the tank being targeted (visual hint for the poor bastard, with RED smoke or something similar) - and if the poor bastard does not notice the flare+smoke and move away from the targeted area - artillery will commence to shoot shells into the area - not just one shell, but a barrage. Team mates will also see the smoke, so they can warn the player to move.


Valid targets for artillery strike will be heavy tanks and TD's (could be anything, I am not sure)


"artillery flare" for targeting the area should be equipment you mount with limited number of activations or a cooldown so you can perhaps only do 2-3 artillery strikes per battle.


if two players targets the same player and request artillery strike only one should be activated and the second one should not lose a charge/activation - possibly with a message stating "Artillery strike already inbound".


It should not be possible to target two tanks next to each other and order a strike on both, effectively getting double the pain for both - artillery strike will have a AOE and you cannot order multiple strikes inside the same AOE until the strike is over.


It might need tweaking, but I think it would get rid of the most of the hate artillery gets since it will just be part of the mechanics of the game and not just a "clicker"/"no skill" etc.


It could even be automatic, if your tank is spotted multiple times, in the same position an artillery barrage is automatically dispatched to nudge people to not camp so much (when spotted).


Damage/number of strikes/etc for an artillery strike I will let be up to the DEV's - but it should be punishing - and it should be almost guaranteed death to be targeted by artillery strike and not move. With normal RNGESUS in the mix

Homer_J #2 Posted 01 August 2020 - 02:59 PM

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There is a thread for artillery, there is a thread for suggestions.


Either would be a better place to post this.

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