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WoT Causes my Laptop to Restart

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View Postunhappy__bunny, on 07 March 2021 - 12:22 PM, said:

Apologies if this seems like I'm rambling, I'm just doing the equivalent of thinking out loud.


Last night when I was playing WoT there were more than 120k players on the EU servers. These players have a mix of devices, have different hardware, different versions of OS, drivers,network connections and so on. Given that very few of these are likely to have the same problem as you have, the question is: What is the difference between their set-ups and yours?

They run the same version of WoT as you.

Most will have the same OS as you.

Many will be using laptops.

Many will likely have the same Processor as you.

Many will have the same RAM as you.

Many will have the same Graphics card as you.


So what is it that is different about your rig that causes your laptop to reboot when you play WoT?


The whole of the computer world is governed by standards. Every piece of software, every piece of hardware, every thing has to conform to these standards. This way, as long as the standards are adhered to, everything should work. 

The beauty of this is, anyone writing software knows that if they are using a programming language that conforms to the industry standard, that program will run on any device that meets those standards.


So, to your rig. If everything in your rig meets industry standards, and there in no reason to think it doesn't, then the most likely cause of your problem comes down so something failing, and the thing most likely to fail is a piece of hardware.


I know you and another player have mentioned that you have seen posts elsewhere of players reporting the same, or very similar, problems. Have you contacted any of them to find out what they have done, whether they have resolved their problem and if so, how? 


I would advise, before you spend anymore time and money, take it to a decent repair shop and let them test it. 

I could recommend one, but that is in Essex in the UK, so might not be convenient for you. 



There are no two same systems in the world. I agree with you—obviously, my laptop meets industry standards, and the drivers I am using are widely and freely available online—'everything should work', but as AmphetamineLogic has pointed out, even you have used the word 'should'. :popcorn:


I have contacted a few of the people with similar issues, but I should try to get in touch with more of them. I have not obtained any useful information yet. 


As I have mentioned, I want to install Windows 10 Enterprise and buy a new SSD anyway, so even if doing so does not resolve my issue, I will not have wasted any money. If the problem persists, however, I might consider taking the laptop to a specialist. Unfortunately, I live in the North East, so Essex is a bit too far away for me. :teethhappy: 

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