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Update 1.10.1 - Maps Adjustments

Update 1.10.1

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DrCereal #21 Posted 24 October 2020 - 09:30 PM


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Why is it that we can not make minimap as big as before?

Who asked for that?

Are bad players that important to you so you feel the need to help them stay bad? Do they give you more money then us?

There is so many things that are broken in this game, yet you felt the need to brake another one!

Do you really think we all play on 120" screens?

Yes I want minimap to cover quarter of my screen, yes it is most important part of the interface.

FIX IT BACK the way it was so it can be made AS BIG AS WE WANT and then just let it be and stop "fixing it"


echoron333 #22 Posted 29 October 2020 - 04:57 PM


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What have u done to minimap?? Its definitely smaller now (after the update) and u cant enlarge it to previous size. Fix it WG, its rly important. Current minimap is too small.

Panzer369 #23 Posted 07 November 2020 - 02:51 AM


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New maps and tweeks 


I dont know if rest of u are a bit tired of all maps > is during the day and sunny < seem so unreal and weird if wot is realistic as they try to be then fix it

only relieve from that is mirny-13 wich is sort of evening or cloody day < i want to see battles during night so u must have lights on tanks on or not but then

your visibility goes down to half lenght but u make it harder for enemies to see you and u them also i want to have battles in rainy weather  and such 

in snow/sandstorms and such so wot is more like real life if they only did war during daytime or when its sunny i dont think WW2 would been much of war then.


Whats the point of all these dark camo's u have implemented like > dark knight and the > masahiro ito series for german tanks if u cant use the advantage of them


If u have rainy weather during night u can add lightningstrikes to give open places some flashes of light like in real life and in citys u can have street lights and lights in houses

if people dont like to fight in real conditions when they can face heavy rain, snow/sandstorm or during night u can give the option to turn it of because some people dont like changes


i know this will be hard to implement but not impossible because u must make sure all weather accure so it looks like in real life on the game but once u fixed it it will be fun and some will like it

so they get relieve from the tideous daytime sunny days and can learn to fight in harder conditions like wars are done in real life so WOT becomes more a simulator for reallife


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