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SirTemple #1 Posted 17 October 2020 - 11:27 PM


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So, i play this game from 2015. I try to play as best as i can, i watch videos from other players (good players) and try to permanently improve my game play, but ...

I try for about 1 year to finish TD15 for T55A, but i can't. Every time when i go near to finish TD15, RNG hit me bad, very bad. It's like is on purpose made by WG to make this game almost impossible to have fun.


I just want to ask people from WG the following question:

"Everyone complain about RNG, SPG's, MM ...etc. Why WG don't make this game fun to play ? Why they don't listen players ? They know that players make them earn money ?" 

Really, i don't understand WG politics.


If other players share those thoughts with me, please tell us.


(Later edit). I watch on youtube the consecrated players that play very good. It's like +-25% RNG is not from them, just for the rest of us!

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