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Resetting missions

Less clicking

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Salmandra #1 Posted 18 October 2020 - 12:43 PM


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Hi all, WG, 


please add an easy reset button for missions. Something easy like CTRL or ALT click to reset from the garage. 

As it seems you are not capable to use common sense to reset them automatically.

Let us do it, but easier than we have now :  It takes 3 clicks. 

After every battle i need to do 3 extra clicks.  Is this world of clicks?  Let me play the game and the missions will follow. 


Some examples for the 279e: 

Union 15 - completing with honors, why would i not have an ACE tanker as my first battle(out of 20)?

Bloc 2 - why would i not want to reset the mission if i do not start my 10 battles with the shellproof award ? 

Bloc 10 - same thing

Coalition 14 : same thing. 


There are many missions were you want to start with a little green bar, and not miss many opportunities because you forgot to reset a mission. 


I think what I ask for is pretty reasonable and should be available asap for us tankers. 


Thanks and happy hunting. (with less arties per game pls)






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