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DEFEAT is the New Victory ! Do you agree ? Or do you agree to disagree ?

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13_BlackCat #1 Posted 24 October 2020 - 04:51 AM

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Hello my Fellow Tankers.


After the latest update I was hoping that Match Making would be more balanced,

but each morning, especially the past few days, there are more Defeats than Victories.

Whenever I see "Win 4 Battles" on the daily missions, I know that I have to play at least 10 battles.


Lately I've been playing mostly turreted TDs and Sniper Tanks.

I want to learn the best positions on each map and play them properly.

In most battles, I do my part to support my team, I don't camp, I play actively.


When saying defeat, I mean Big Time, the battle starts and after a few minutes my team is down 4 to 5 vehicles.

There is a steamroll effect, you either win or loose with a big difference.


Most of my progression points for Battle Pass and Tank Rewards are from Defeats not Victories.

It is also very annoying doing well in a battle and having it end in a defeat.


I'm not on expert in WOT, but I can't be that bad of a player.

I haven't been over a year in this game and I have a MOE on 3 vehicles, that must mean something.


These defeats, certainly have a negative effect on players stats and that is a problem !

Plus, you can't play properly when most of your team is killed !


I'm not trying blame WOT or Wargaming, maybe Balanced MM is not that simple.


- New players are reaching higher TIERs faster because of the New Tech Tree without proper experience.

- Players are rushing like crazy to earn the HP, Damage, Spotting etc etc for the Daily Missions.

- Vehicles have become faster and more powerful and the maps are to small.

Maybe, I do not know ...


The truth is that MM at the current moment is not even close to being 50% fair.

Do you agree on this ? Or do you agree to disagree ?


Please WOT and Wargaming, Help Out with this Issue !

Sometimes it gets so frustrating that I stop playing.

There must be a way to balance Match Making.



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L3gionaire #2 Posted 24 October 2020 - 06:24 AM

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Topic closed.


Please check the pinned thread regarding the Matchmaker.


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