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Suggestion: More filter options for tanks in the garage

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Coco_Ardo #1 Posted 15 November 2020 - 10:27 PM


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Dear WarGaming,
you could add more filters for tanks in the garage. I am sure that this would be very well received and super easy to insert.
The more tanks you have, the more difficult it is to keep an overview.


My suggestion is as follows:


Like now you have a small number of standard filters. You can choose these yourself from a larger selection of filters.


  1. The premium tank filter would then be off, as it is now.
  2. When I clicked on it for the first time, all premium tanks would be displayed.
  3. With the second click all non-premium tanks would be shown.
  4. And the third time the filter is off again.


Filters that have to be added:

  • 1-5 individual filters. It could simply be called 1-5 or something like "Fun_Tanks", "Meta_Tanks", "Tanks_I_want_2_grind" ... you name it.
  • Then a filter for no to third gunmark would be handy.
  • Then a filter would be useful for tanks with no crew.
  • Then a filter for tanks with skins would be useful.
  • Then a filter for tanks that still need to be repaired would be good.

I only have 72 tanks in the garage myself, but I know that there are many players with more than 400 tanks. But even with 30 tanks + this feature is more than needed.


I strongly recommend adding this feature to the game because it will be very successful and easy to implement.



In good hope



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