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Tanks in the Movies

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Bloodaxe31 #1 Posted 12 January 2012 - 01:16 PM


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The battle at The Mines had been fierce and there wasn't much time left.

On the enemy side a lone T29 was hiding in the village.

On our side remained a badly damaged IS-3, a Wespe and an SU-26.

As they set out for the enemy base some joker typed in chat "The Three Amigos"

With the SU-26 capping they found the T29. He got the IS-3 - but with about two seconds left they got him.

Good game.

But it prompts me to think - apart from the ones staring tanks already (A Bridge too Far, Battle of the Bulge, Kelly's Heroes etc) which movies would have been a lot better with some tanks in them?


Suggestions and plot lines please. Maybe if we get enough Wargaming will make it (my MS-1 fancies himself as lead man)

Tanks! (was Cars!)

A heart warming tale of how a cocky T-50 gets his tracks blown off and lands up in Loltractorville. Here the friendly loltractors teach him a little humility, he romances a cute Luchs, and a veteran T2  :Smile-playing: shows him a thing or two about racing

Once Upon a Time in the West

Not for the faint hearted. Frank Ferdinand and his gang of Tank Destroyers massacre the McBain family of loltractors - "loltractors scare better when they're dead".Lowe comes playing harmonica :Smile_harp:  and seeking revenge.

Kiss of the Dragon

French tanks try to destroy a Type 59 - but he kills them one by one by sneaking up behind them.

From Russia with Love

MS-1 tries for a date with Jagdpanther. Get out the tissues.  :Smile-bajan2:

The Terminator

Jagdtiger tries to kill a Leopard. Exterminates lemming train in the process. Finally perishes to the lone and lucky Leopard. Last message comes over in chat "I'll be back".

Terminator 2

Maus tries to kill a Leopard. Exterminates lemming train in the process. In response to a cry for help a message comes over from a Jagdtiger "I'll be back". Makes it just in time to kill the Maus but perishes in the process.

Carry on Camping

Nature film about the field of Malinkova and it's curious visitors. Every so often squads of tanks appear at either end, camp for 15 minutes, and disappear. David Attenborough narrates and attempts to explain the evolution of this phenomenon. Could it be that like the salmon they have to return to their place of origin to spawn?

The Seven Samurai

Not yet released - awaiting Japanese tanks.

Apocalypse Now

Your Wespe finds itself in a Noob Team who are seven tanks to nil down in 90 seconds and the Tigers are coming to get you. The Horror, the Horror. :o

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