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Progetto 54 Tier 8 Heavy.

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TacPenguin #1 Posted 02 February 2021 - 05:32 PM


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Utter rubbish.


I was going to write my detailed thoughts. But no this thing is utterly rubbish so here a summary.


Manoeuvrability of a Super heavy.


Can be seen from the moon.


Guns are potatoes launchers unless you aim for 10 seconds then you will bounce.


Armor of a Medium and cannon fodder for any that want some.


DPM tragic.  If you load up a full clip pop around a corner to finish off a 600hp tank. Odds are you 1 will bounce , 1 will be pen and 1 will low roll and you will tank 1 maybe 2 in return. Then you have cant shoot back for 14.x seconds in which time you will take a few more hits.


As soon as I can research the next tank up it will be sold and the Italian heavy line for me dies there.


How to play?? no idea.  Maybe don't be aggressive. Hide at the back and lob potatoes till you lose.



I am much disappoint wow  :(




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Doigenunchi #2 Posted 04 February 2021 - 06:46 PM


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Today's session. The trick is to NOT be aggressive, you want to be in the second line and waiting for ambushes if possible. I personally love it, quite a lot too. But then again, the italians were my cup of tea from the start and I'm enjoying the meds even after the nerf.
(man this [edited]comment editor is retarded af)






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Heavyfoot #3 Posted 23 February 2021 - 05:02 PM


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In top-configuration, it's a... workable tank. Nothing crazy good, that's for sure. DPM is tragic.

I have been recieving a ton of ammo racks in this tank. They are mostly from the front so I guess there is a huge ammo rack hit box or something. But I have been runing this tank with a large repair kit.

Also, a lot of dead crew members. Don't know why, it seems to vary a lot. But driver, gunner and commander has been knocked out frequently. And that's the reason I'm runing a  large med. kit.


To me, not a keeper. Used boosters and events x5 too speed through this tank. Save the free XP for the next Tier IX one, that's my tip.



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