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suggestion experience capture points gameplay

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addlinny #1 Posted 13 February 2021 - 02:02 PM


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I propose that the experience gained from capturing a base (successfully) or defending the base is increased. 

It seems that many people in the game don't pay attention to the objectives. Which causes games that are lost for very frustrating reasons. Worse of all, because the game rewards damage way higher than capture points, even if you play with the objective in mind, players who are selfish will end up being rewarded the most. Often these are not bad players, but probably understand how the game rewards experience and so just want to Min/Max in a game rather than attempting to help win.

I think there are a number of maps that heavily rely on the teams being aware of the objective. I'd like to know how many other people find the following situations frustratingly common?

  • Karelia Assault - The defending team can often loose simply because they aggressively take one flank (usually north-east corner) and then continue forward to hunt artillery, Leaving the base undefended and not having enough time to get back to stop the cap.
  • Murovanka & Sand River Encounter - Too often one team aggressively pushes one flank while the other team is able to cap mostly uncontested.
  • Steppes Encounter - This map is easily won or lost based on which team sends the most tanks to the base.
  • Most Standard Battles - it is not uncommon for one team to break through one flank to the base but not capture to instead get more kills/dmg and end up loosing simply because the enemy play well on the other flank.


I just had a winning game on mines encounter where our team won in 2 minutes 28 seconds because I and one other managed to capture the base uncontested. These kind of games are not fun for anyone on either team and most annoyingly for me, having 52 capture points at the end of the battle (and therefor arguably going the most of any player to secure the victory) I only received 135 base experience, second to last on my team.  Obviously increasing capture point experience would make this win a lot more satisfying for me, but it would also give the enemy team incentive to contest the base which would have lead to a more interesting battle. 


Right now, to me, it seems like capture points are almost pointless apart from in the rare cases where your team is loosing but you manage to clutch a win by capturing (because the enemy care more about dmg than resetting he base).  Increasing the experience might be a good way to make players (especially the good players trying to min/max) play in ways that help the team. I'd be interested in knowing what other think? 

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