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Sandbox 2021: Try Out Crew 2.0! - **Updated - Read Original Post**

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_LongRangeSniper_ #341 Posted 23 February 2021 - 06:55 PM

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View PostDwigt, on 23 February 2021 - 04:51 PM, said:

I'm not sure if it was you who asked the question on the stream, but it seems that there are similar concerns.

For now, we do not plan on merging crews. Keep in mind, it's still on Sandbox.

You will get to keep the those 2 new crews in your dormitory, you would be able to retrain them and use them on new lines or tanks or maybe use them in other game format with a different setup and configurations like Clan Wars for example.


In relation to being able to retrain them, firstly the game will charge me gold to do that. I'm not saying I'd not have to do that anyway for a new tank, but it was WG that made my crew "redundant". If you're made redundant from your job, you at least have some money to retrain for a new job.


Also CW crews?  Change the configuration of the tank, sure, but not the crew. Unless your OCD is off the scale maybe?


Final_Eclipse #342 Posted 23 February 2021 - 06:59 PM


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People, please take a look at what it says DezGamez and you will understand that this is very, but very important for it to happen, I hope it will be introduced soon because I am really tired of training the same skills of over 500 crew. Please WG introduce these changes soon. It's an amazing change and it's worth it.



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Possauttelija #343 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:02 PM


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I still have my doubts, but this cannot be even close worse than NO ARTY PLATOONS ALLOWED GODDAMNIT! :teethhappy:

StronkiTonki #344 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:03 PM


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All these "if" and "when" skills are total garbage!


People literally getting buffs from doing damage or spotting, literally making the players in the battle who perform well even better.

All the other skills where tanks get buffs after doing damage, bouncing a shell or spotting an opponent will just make the game an unpredictable mess!

And god, the talents.. The talents are the worst offenders of this utter nonesense.


All this BS will also result in even shorter battles, which everyone literally whines about, yet everyone fails to think rationally here and will come back complaining about faster and faster battles when this garbage gets implemented.

Jumping_Turtle #345 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:05 PM


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Hmmm it is a bit too much to handle all at once, but oen thing I do not like. Example :

I have

140 with 7 skilled crew

62A with 6 skilled crew

K91 with 6 skilled crew

430U with 7 skilled crew

T54 with 6 skilled crew

430 with 6 skilled crew


I have used plenty of gold (money), time, crewbooks and free xp on those tanks and crew, but after the conversion I am stuck with 4 commanders I do not need and will not use. And have the same for the German meds with the Leo PTA, Leo 1, E50 and E50M.


And there is nothing I can do with those commanders since I have no other tech tree tanks in those lines .... And I have this with plenty of other lines and classes also...

WaheedTheAlmighty #346 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:05 PM


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View PostLordStarfire, on 23 February 2021 - 03:59 PM, said:


Automatic "Sixth sense"


- Cons

  • Reduce the need to learn tactics
  • Increase arcade level among new players as punishment for bad positions are more and less removed.
  • Makes sniping TD's even harder to play
  • Makes it harder for arty





How many drugs you are on, my dude?

StahanoW #347 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:08 PM


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View PostHeatResistantBFG, on 23 February 2021 - 06:48 PM, said:

So in terms of the 10-11% lost, that you'll be glad to know is incorrect! :) So the way a crew works is still exactly the same, the loader still gains the boost from the commander, as does the gunner radio etc. The only change is what you interact with, so in the background and when in-game it will act exactly the same as it does. Nothing to compensate for :)


In terms of the skill gap of a very new vs a very old, you may have a case, but my counterpoint would be that as you hit later perks (4-5) the amount of XP required to get them is huge and means that newer players don't get that "pay off" for a long time, under this system the gap will be closed quicker as they can apply the points gradually rather than that sudden payoff (if you understand what I mean, tell me if you don't and I'll try and word it better).

Nah, its clear now. Thanks for the info! :)

Jumping_Turtle #348 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:11 PM


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Hmmm thought that you could unlock the extra slot for another tank for free and you can, but you still have to pay 750 gold to use it ?????

Fozzy50 #349 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:13 PM


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View PostFinal_Eclipse, on 23 February 2021 - 06:59 PM, said:

...I hope it will be introduced soon because I am really tired of training the same skills of over 500 crew...




You will keep on training the same skills over your crews...

And you will have to spend a lot of time to do it much more often...

Edit And it will cost you much more...

And you will have a cap you will swear about...

And I don't want to argue no more with you ; just read some others comments in this (already) 17 pages topic...

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beercritch #350 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:13 PM


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My only concern is the number of crews I will have after this that I have no need for.


In german tanks alone I currently have a dozen or so good crews and after crew 2.0 I will only need 5 or 6.  We really need some way to merge crews or at the very least convert crews no longer needed into skill books

Puszka_Drynia #351 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:14 PM


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The whole thing is pointless and stupid. Just bin the changes. Don't even pay developers, just put them into gulag or a bullet in the head, Belarus style.


On a more serious note:

crew skills are silly, make the game unpredictable, they are rng based thus removing skillful play and reward random events like RNG bounces , give advantage to better players, remove tactics from the game (like makes desperate defense harder because enemies will be coming at you with Steel hunter-style buffed tanks).


Bad changes. Rework and come back next year.

I'd rather WG put new premium every two months than work on crew.

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HeatResistantBFG #352 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:15 PM

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View PostDenton_0451, on 23 February 2021 - 05:45 PM, said:

So what happens with the Team Clash commanders with the unique voiceover? I worked my back off for a plain simple instructor? I grinded to get Circon as a commander for his voiceover and his commander art not for him to become an instructor.


You will get a crew with the ground XP on it and then the Circon becomes an instructor who's voice lines you can still use :)


View PostGorzki, on 23 February 2021 - 05:48 PM, said:


honestly that's a lot of bull

If I have 5 russian heavy tier 10 crews and someone has 2 russian heavy t10 crews we both end up with 2 crews that can cover all 5 tier 10 russian heavies. 40% of my effort is rewarded the same way as 100% of the other person's effort. 
Remaining 60% of my effort into leveling crews is wasted on 3 commanders that I will not have any use for. Increased tactical diversity is not worth it.


So I'd say the IS-7 and the 705 can play very differently, so I would likely want a different crew on that. Then I would also want to maybe have different builds on different crews to play a tank differently, playing in a group then i run my brawling build with the group tactics but maybe not on a solo build. So in this regard, you keep your advantage. Also, AFAIK if you are using 1 crew in battle you can't use it until it's out of battle, so there is that too.


View PostWitch_King__Angmar, on 23 February 2021 - 05:49 PM, said:

- Game developers did not ask us in every innovation.They won't ask after that.

- As far as I can see, preparations have already been made, they will put into the game.

- As a result, they continue with those who like this game, our efforts are garbage.

- As a result, we can't continue if we don't like it, so the game is garbage.

- MM, with RNG, the new crew 2.0 happiness WG


The same way preparations were made for previous sandbox tests that never happened because feedback said players didn't want it? And not just the forums, but players across the entire game.


View Postexori, on 23 February 2021 - 05:49 PM, said:

crew with 4 full skills had 16 different skills active + lets say repairs training as 5th skill. if you are using BIA you get 13 skills + repairs 14 skills.

now if you convert this skill to new crew 2.0 you get 60 points which is 60 full skills, so you are losing more then half of your skills.

that's simply ridiculous. lol.

if this gets implemented into the game, ill delete it.


So you're saying a 4 person crew with 4 skills each, So let's take 6th sense as a given, that's down to 15, the BIA, down to 11, then if you took camo/firefighting then you're down to 7, if you then take the other you'd be down to 3. And if you wanted to add one of those you can now do it for "10" rather than "40". You seem to be wilfully ignoring that many skills require all crew members to train the skill on it. Then add in that 6th sense is now free/on all crews, so you have quite clearly not lost skills.

oglop #353 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:16 PM

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Plain simple, interesting idea executed very badly.


To all who blame the developers, remember developers have very little to say what marketing wants and if marketing wants to drive people away we'll go. Minecraft is still cheaper

Chibubibibro #354 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:18 PM


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Please give us a way to fuse multiple crews into one crew. Right now a lot of people have dedicated crews for the T62A, Obj 140 and K-91. After this change u might only need one crew, so u have 2 russian med crews that go to waste. The same goes for russian heavies and every other nation where there's multiple vehicles of one type.


0-Crew crews that have 4 skills with the 0 perk now are off way worse after this patch. The 0 Perk doesnt give exp and isnt accommodated for. With A 4 man crew now, you can have view range skills, repairs, camo, bia, and a variation of driver and gunner skills. After the change u can only have BIA, Repairs, Camo and one other skill.

KODyN #355 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:20 PM


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I really like the new system BUT we should be able to convert al unused crew to a common xp.

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Misago #356 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:21 PM

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So what happens with crews that were advertised with 0 skill brothers in arms? From what I can see, the flat stat bonus is not compensated by any of these new skills.

TsundereWaffle #357 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:23 PM

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Reading up on the changes feels like studying for an exam :hiding:

Maki711 #358 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:23 PM

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View PostHeatResistantBFG, on 23 February 2021 - 06:48 PM, said:


Remember that 0 point perks will not count. So the Santa has at least 1 x 0 point perk and the snow maiden has another. So take that off from the calculation and try again :) It is possible that it has an error, but please check this first.



Nope, still does not add up. I posted a pic where i reduced 1 more skill to remove the 0 skill and the math is still wrong.

YourBestFriend_2016 #359 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:23 PM


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View PostShrewd_Ape_In_The_Mist, on 23 February 2021 - 12:40 PM, said:

People who have multiple crews for one class in the same tech tree will get seriously screwed over lol.

Left with many useless commanders.

Thankfully I'm not one of them.


  • I am one of them with my US TD line. >>> I feel ripped of here.
    • We should be able to convert the experience so we can spend on other crews


  • New players now get for  2*750 gold on re-training a crew that can be played in 3 tanks. 
    • I have tier 10 japanese heavy crew and have retrained the 6 person crew for each tier for 200 gold per crew member each time (total more then 10.000 gold).
      • After paying a small fortune in gold I end up with a crew that is only suitable for 1 tank. >>> I feel ripped of here.
      • After paying that fortune for retraining WG wants me to pay even more to also be able to use the crew for 3 tanks. >>> I feel ripped of here.
  • Crew members in the baracks at 100% but without a skill in progress get lost without compensation (200 gold paid for). >>> I feel ripped of here.


Transition is smooth and simple WG advertised. Sure for them. We get ripped of however


After equipment 2.0 I had to pay a lot of credits to to get optimal layout again on all my tanks. I got the credits by paying for year premium account. >>> I feel ripped of here.


  • We should get the ability to convert all crews to experience and being free to decide how to spend the experience in the new system.
  • Players that have payed many times for retraining of their crews should get the the option to use their crews on 3 tanks without even more spending gold


The player base did not ask for this update. Crew system was fine. You might improve current system (crew 1.1), not start crew 2.0). Dont use it to rip us off.


If the above is not fixed properly I will join #WALLETCLOSED for a long time.

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Jumping_Turtle #360 Posted 23 February 2021 - 07:24 PM


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View PostHeatResistantBFG, on 23 February 2021 - 07:15 PM, said:


You will get a crew with the ground XP on it and then the Circon becomes an instructor who's voice lines you can still use :)



And if we put Daki and Circon in one tank as instructors ... will we hear them both ?

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