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Problems & Suggestions regarding Crew 2.0 Sandbox

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lubo_97 #21 Posted 24 February 2021 - 01:20 PM


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Hello all!


Based on the article from WG and what I read thus far. I still don't understand what will happen with unclaimed crew in the barracks. For example I have some snow maidens and crew members from campaigns which I have yet to put in a tank ( they are from any nation/type of tank/classification ). Does anyone know what happens to them?

Gorzki #22 Posted 24 February 2021 - 04:23 PM

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One more thing on my mind
As one of the ideas behind introducing new system was to get rid of spare tankers, what will happen to old extra radiomans?
Would it be nice if after the "retraining period" ever unused tanker went into crew books.

Alternatively experience from all the unused old tankers could be added to the pool and those pool may be applied as a +100% bonus to the commander experience until it get used up.
So you will not be able to add massive amounts of experience straight away, you will need to put effort, but this experience will not go to waste.

Quasar #23 Posted 25 February 2021 - 03:12 AM


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View PostM4chu, on 24 February 2021 - 01:19 AM, said:

not to mention BIA.... that is gone....as one man show in crew 2.0 but there are many changes - loading time is increased since BIA is missing and so on.. interface seems complicated and no straight forward to battle.... seems crew 2.0 is a general nerf to players with many years spent in WoT... to manually take >100 tanks to train crew (just)after equipment odyssey is descouraging money eater and time consumer. if is so imperative to change again gameplay at least keep the level achieved during years automate it

don't burden players with such task... it seems like it is player fault to play since 2012 or earlier and now force them to manually take the tanks and spend hours managing skills and perks... automate this!

Incorrect, it's been relabelled, ANYTHING that states Vehicle Handling you treat as BIA so if you go back and look through the skills you see ALOT that buff this. and you can overload the skill point limit with instructors get 4 instructors with 2+ on coherence and that's 18points making it a flat 9% BIA skill

Balc0ra #24 Posted 25 February 2021 - 01:40 PM

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I'm not gonna go into more details as most already have. I like some aspects, hate others like the rest.


But there is one thing that really annoys me to no end, and that is the option not to remove info when a skill is activated. You have the icons that are nice and subtle over the ammo icons that are helpful. But the text window is delaying other info like sports etc. And it forces me to look down all the time thinking I spotted something close by. That text is more confusing than helpful and should have a setting for its removal if implemented. A sound would be better for each icon as a setting tbh. 

MrDemme #25 Posted 25 February 2021 - 07:18 PM


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Three_Rounds_Rapid #26 Posted 25 February 2021 - 10:48 PM

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Having tried it out here are the things I don't like about Crew 2.0;


Loss of 10% commanders boost to crew.

Loss of 0 skill xp on conversion to new crew.

Instructor skills are preset on some crew converted to  instructors and cannot be changed.

Instructor skills cannot be individually selected, RNG gamble fest determines what you get after selecting from a fixed subset.

Instructor skills cannot be reset.

Instructor nation cannot be reset.

7 day cooldown for credits on instructors is too long, 3 days at most.

Skills fixed into subsets, each talent requires 30 points from a set so you may have to select sub-optimal skills in order to activate the talent.

Some skills and talents too situational - if xyz happens then you get x for 10 seconds etc etc...

Fast_And_Curious #27 Posted 25 February 2021 - 11:48 PM


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is it just me or should the first selection of the 3 tanks for the crew be completely free?


you increase the crew exp to get access to those slots - default it's just 1...  why does it cost more gold or lose 10% exp and credits? or free 30% loss?


sure, make me pay if i oops need to change one of the tank slots after that. that's fine with me. or make me pay if i dont wanna grind the crew for the slot. 


btw, what happens when you train the level to exactly up to the second slot, train a new tank with silver and lose a level due to the xp loss???

franzbischoff #28 Posted 26 February 2021 - 03:35 AM


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1) Situational perks activation sound is too many. I can't tell what is now active without having to keep track of those icons that appear near the ammo (below the screen). It's annoying and disturb my focus on the game.
2) At least the first tank we assign the crew should be "re-trained" for free.
3) Skills should have some indication in-game, so the player knows that it can be activated or not. 

Statpadderer #29 Posted 26 February 2021 - 11:37 AM

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This is way worse than Rubicon.


Let´s just hope that the russian players hate it as much as we do, because they certainly won´t listen to us.

Morris76 #30 Posted 27 February 2021 - 05:25 PM


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This crew 2.0 is a real crap. It's a big mess and you basically have to start from scratch with all the tanks in the garage. It is evident that you wanted to copy the crew management system from Gaijin's War Thunder and merge it with the crew management system of WoT, but you have only been able to give birth to a meaningless abortion that disrupts all the efforts and investments of thousands of players for years. I won't spend a cent on this game anymore and at this point I think it's time to look for something different. I already play War Thunder but I'm sure I'll find more. Get ready to lose thousands of players.
Shame on you.

UserZer00 #31 Posted 27 February 2021 - 11:53 PM


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DarkKnightt #32 Posted 28 February 2021 - 01:43 PM


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View PostGkirmathal, on 23 February 2021 - 05:54 PM, said:

Still DL'ing the SB client. But my first few suggestion, from what I gathered from played around with the web based skills selector, would be to change the XP > points conversion:

  1. increase the conversion of xp to crew skills points, from 75 to 100 points.
  2. decrease the skill points needed to unlock a "major skill choices", from 30 to 20.
  3. only 2 "major skill choices" may be allowed to be unlocked, even if crew points are available for a third. There should a a hard limit on 2.


With the above I reckon that most players can recreate most of their current 5 skill 1.0 crews in the 2.0 crew system without negative effects that the current conversion of up to 75 crew points generates.


Added. Seen you do not need to put x amount of crew points in the talent skill.

I also think that 75 points are not enough fore more versatile vehicles like medium and some heavy tanks, 100 points, in my opinion,  should be enough. Decreasing the skill points needed to unlock Major skill choices is not such a good idea, it would negate the hole concept of " Crew 2.0". Other than that I think that this is a GREAT  idea, creating a so called " line crew" , in the future it will bring this game to a more pleasant game play experience. Wargaming should try, in a Sandbox test, the 100 skill points configuration... It is my opinion...

rabba #33 Posted 28 February 2021 - 10:16 PM


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the most annoying part, amongst others, is: all prem-crews, when converted to commander loose the XP for zero-skill.

i mostly put prem-members in higher tiers (6-10).

I play all kind of tanks (actually in garage 288. pull apart the ones i do not play regularly. then still 150-200 tanks)

I try to keep trained(!) crews on a large quantity of tanks. So many crews just have 150% up to 250% in skill-progress.

some nations (italy and sweden) and some trees from the "classic" nations, just have prem-members (i put the snow-maids, maids from campaign and so on...).

I retrained, reskilled many members (in some cases more than one time). especially sixth sense and BIA for gold/money to put them in the higher tier tanks and retrained others for lower tiers to grind them  <- Who didn`t the same?


WG may say: you did not grind that XP on the crew. OK, but i mostly bought it, with money, with effort and with time on all those special events over the years to get these members with this benefit(s)... and actually, i have(!) this benefits!


the conversion of all these prem-members into instructors will degrade the whole crew.

Why? it is simple: actually your prem-crew starts "out of the box" with BIA (let`s say worth 10 points). your benefit now is round about equal to 4 instructors (if you use just level III instructors, it is less 4x 2 points= 8 points).

in the new system: you have to come up to 60 points on the commander, to get the possibility to put in the 4th instructor!!!

So, the benefit equal to your current prem-members to take full effect, is when you reach level 60 on the commander. who is getting his crews on level 60? I just got "one" on 63! the average is on 30+ up to 40+... that means, ur current benefit, mostly BIA is ripped off.


as i said, i put on many (many!!!) tanks from tier 6 upwards prem-crews. Sometimes commander and a second member only, so that i could push the crew a little bit.

All these crews are now worthless!!! the level you`ll get after conversion in average is about 8-10 points less in comparison to non prem-members.


Now, you can train one commander onto at least 3 tanks. yeah, that`s nice. But, what about all my other crews 2-4 skills???

have to buy a lot of tea or coffee to keep them in barracks....


Why not give the players the opportunity to manually convert them into crew-books, f.e.? FOR FREE!!!


In my opinion, the system is not getting easier, it`s getting difficult. yes, maybe more diversity, but more difficulty for new players as well as for experienced players. someone here in the threat said: skills and perks extremely dependent on situation. all of us, know the dependency from your teammates in many situation. You want to put more of this?  we do not need more dependencies. the current ones are enough. (this skills/perks may affect clanwars or similar, not the random matches/players).


WG spent for sure a lot of money and effort to create this "new" crew-system (similar to warships, maybe not that money and effort). and this is the result!

not funny!

For some players it will be a great change (EBR 105 of course), some even do not recognize the pros and the cons. But the most of us will be slapped in the face. Especially with the loss of thousands of XP respectively the rip off benefits, we actually have.


If most of the players use almost the same skills/perks, what about reworking exactly these skills?

As it seems, it`s already decided. the new system will be implemented.

in my opinion, this is just pulling the wool over players eyes.

afterwards they will implement the system with a few changes in favour of the playerbase and the majority will say: "oh,... that`s OK, they changed it in our favour."

No, that is not enough. the system needs to get essential changes (zero-skill/ripping off benefit, forcing 30 points in one categorie to get the talent, useless crews/members, manually transfer the members/crews (rly?), in many cases without use of gold you loose horrendous XP, and and and...)


not talking about getting all "necessary" crews converted manually (and in my case mostly doubled: retrained AND reskilled! caused by the massive loss of XP on them)


lots of thanks, WG....


PS: thx for reading ;)


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Dadice #34 Posted 01 March 2021 - 01:34 AM


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The most do not implement thing after HE changes on the sandbox.

1. Instructors -> Random gambling permanent skills on hard earned special commanders. Seriously?
2. No real choice for skills. Stacking "Vehicle Handling" after picking a few crucial skills and nothing else to do with them. Thats like current crew with 1+2+3+4+5 Ventillators and +4+5 activates with some special conditions.
3. Absolutely broken numbers on perk stacking. Let it be vew range/repair speed/reload time(vehicle handling) whatever. With the current Tier 2 instructors a skill can be stacked to 18/14. 
   Which result in abyssmal numbers. Adrenalin rush at 70% hp and so on....(10% on live) 50% with no instructors.
4. 70% of skills give "Vehicle Handling"
5. Manual crew conversion / Huge xp loss on skill less crews. Yes owning 330 tanks i can say that i spent about 20 minutes setting up 1 tank. And while i dont use all of my owned tanks it is still a LOT.
6. A semi good start is a certain victory? Having activated some of the conditinal skills early in a match gives a huge boost to players already doing better than the other team leading to a quick win.

Harm_Flying_DutchMan #35 Posted 03 March 2021 - 12:10 AM


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I think it is not fair that the average experience per crew member of a 6 crew or 2 crew is used in the conversion of experience in 2.0

CGN895642 #36 Posted 06 March 2021 - 10:35 AM


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I see that crew 2.0 is being revised but I thought it may be worth mentioning just incase it hasn't been said and WG don't consider this in their changes.


I noticed on the SB that some tanks would lose view range and so be below 445 even with 2.0 view range skills picked. Now my concern is say you have bounty or bond equipment you may want to put on that tank to compensate the loss. Or just move other bond or bounty equipment around in general due to 2.0 handicaps. Your looking at 200 bonds for purple demounts each or 10 gold for bounty.

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