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no one will help me

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_AND_BOOM_ #1 Posted 23 February 2021 - 08:36 PM


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I'm sorry, I'm a little angry and disappointed with your budget that you get medals and master badges in the game. I had the opportunity to solve the last 2 missions that I have left for 279, but since your system and budget is not realistic as far as dmg and video and destroyed tanks are concerned, I am very dissatisfied, it is really wrong to do 7000 damage and 6 destroyed runs and to that I get class 2 !!!! and because of your unreality, I lost my mission and the tank that should have been in disrepair, but your system just doesn't allow me .... really pay attention to how much damage I need to fix in the party to get your budget system wrong was satisfied ???? 10,000 damages gave that enough? it's really not realistic and I'm very revolted by this underestimation of your players ... I have to kill myself again and break to fix 10,000 damage to complete the mission and take the 279 r tank .... with track 8 I made 4000 damage 1500 spots and 6 destroyed tanks I got class 2 .... really a shame because of these 2 games I lost the tank these are the nations Germans and French if I only got 1 class here I wouldn't be angry and sorry but this is not realistic I'm quite enough damaged now on your part because I could have finished the whole campaign 279 .... I myself lost my will and desire to continue playing and other players believe as well .... really please reduce the criteria for badges and badges this is a shame .... thank you for your patience, the revolted player begs you not to resent, but believe me, I feel terribly bad because of this irregularity in your system. I don't want to get those maedels now, since my missions have been reset ... thank you very much for the lost time and failed missions for which I try very hard ... but in the end I am damaged and disappointed passionately because of this 2 games I lost the tank ..... which I so much want to have .... I no longer have the desire or will to play I have already complained about these irregularities of yours, but no one hears me or wants to listen to me ... let alone help me, which is sad, but now I really don't make sense to play this anymore ... I'm very disappointed, I can't get upset anymore and I'm working on missions for 279 ri if I have 2 left and 15 ... I know you won't help me but I still hope that you will pay attention to the budget for master badges and reduce the criteria ... because this is not realistic because 2 games played, I lost all my work and effort, everything was canceled, it is very difficult to solve with bad games in the team in 20 games 3x 1 class or 3x master

Xandania #2 Posted 23 February 2021 - 09:07 PM


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First of all:

Please format your text properly next time - it looks like a copypasta from some text file...



For the mastery badges only yourt base XP gets counted - it doesn't matter if it is from spotting, kills or whatever

For Barrelstripes your damage dine is counted

And it's damn hard to get an ace tanker if your team loses...



it is as it is - it's just a game, don't let it cause you to grow grey hair :rolleyes:


Ediths note: It is commonly claimed that this game is 1 vs 29

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Gruff_ #3 Posted 24 February 2021 - 02:49 AM


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View Post_AND_BOOM_, on 23 February 2021 - 08:36 PM, said:


I will also help you - rewind, reprogram, restart again.  You can do it :)





____Green____ #4 Posted 24 February 2021 - 12:47 PM

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Missions must be difficult. Significant awards like OBJ279e must remain out of reach for 95% of participants.

If you have the necessary tanks, sufficient skills, then all that remains is to wait for the necessary success. So it is your choice which side to stay on. :)

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