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Marvelous Rewards with March Tournaments

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Community #1 Posted 02 March 2021 - 12:00 PM


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The tournaments in March have something to offer for everyone, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new recruit. Sign up and take the chance to earn great gold rewards!

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Truntea #2 Posted 02 March 2021 - 12:12 PM

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Well good luck, although the prizes doesn't really look that "marvelous" when you know how much time you have to spend on getting them.

_Old_Spice_ #3 Posted 02 March 2021 - 12:19 PM

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Better give us tokens for sandbox test... 2-d day already...

wolfsrain #4 Posted 02 March 2021 - 12:33 PM

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No, thank you. Good luck to the ones that want to do this, but definitely not my cup of tea,

O_o_Babbuino #5 Posted 02 March 2021 - 01:11 PM

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Each tournament you have to compete against approx. 1000 players....


It makes is awesome to spend minimum 3 hours waiting for battle and playing tournament


If you win two battles in table 


And additional at least 10 battles in row


To place in position to earn on average 400gold on highest tiers...or 100 on low tiers :D


You input insane amount of time - and credits - cos you have to go full gold competing against full gold spam as well


And you get ridiculously "marvelous" price


Change the format, is you lose 1 out of 10 you still could win...


So unless you get super lucky.. you waste your time


And don't listen to trolls buying whole house for tournament gold ;)


(Odds to win are same as to get ammo racked or set on fire....as far it goes for Super Unicum)


I wonder why RNG does not corelate your view range as well



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Vedrano #6 Posted 02 March 2021 - 02:12 PM

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And AGAIN, crappy TEAM [edited]always. I hate teams, i hate platoons, i like my solo style but with WG you can't get tournaments with that. Only some marathons 2 times in a year :/ 


Simona2k #7 Posted 02 March 2021 - 02:30 PM


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Good luck

Miepie #8 Posted 02 March 2021 - 02:40 PM


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View PostVedrano, on 02 March 2021 - 02:12 PM, said:

And AGAIN, crappy TEAM [edited]always. I hate teams, i hate platoons, i like my solo style but with WG you can't get tournaments with that. Only some marathons 2 times in a year :/ 


eh? Looked like there are plenty of 1v1 tournaments to me. :amazed:

guest273 #9 Posted 03 March 2021 - 04:56 PM

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I tried playing these tournaments again after complaining on the forum during the previous tournament post.

I did get some gold, but now I can more clearly define the issue I had with them before:

Win 3 battles in the group stage, win 2 more in the playoffs, lose 1 in Ro32. You have an 83% win rate (5/6) in the tournament and you got no gold. This is what's frustrating. And that either happens to you or you do it to another team.

Sir_Ballistic #10 Posted 04 March 2021 - 02:53 PM


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What is so marvelous with 1600 gold for tier x? it is pretty shitty if you ask me , and even more shitty for lower tiers,

it is marvelously salty! :/ 10000 Gold would have been worth fighting for.

we have to spend more than 1600 gold to be competitive on gold ammo and other consumables,

Those prices are a joke, playing that tournament would make us lose money, you can't do better WG?

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MrMeeps #11 Posted 05 April 2021 - 12:31 PM


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Wot needs to implement the LOL weekend tournament system, where each tournament is just a small bracket of 8 teams and getting 1rst,2nd or 3rd place already gets you good rewards, Maybe make it a bracket of 16 in wot since games are shorter, or you could even implement a looser bracket type of system for each tournament bracket,  the way LOL makes it fair then is that they have the same tournaments (format), so in wot you could have a 7vs7 tier 10 for example, except they separate these small tournaments in  SKILL tiers, (tier 1, 2,3 and 4) and the higher the SKILL tier of the tournament bracket your in IS the higher the rewards but the better the competition, You could do this in wot ofc not with PR, maybe with wn8 but it would be bothersome, the Ideal solution would be that players in wot WIN a tier when they win a tournament and loose a tier when they loose a tournament and they can only participate in tournaments that are their tier or lower but not more then 2 tiers lower then their TIER (and wot could do this with 6 tiers total or more instead of 4, whatever works better). The whole idea of making Huge brackets in wot tournaments with small rewards is kind of annoying, long and dumb since its like over 100 team signed up and the rewards are already trash, imagine if LOL had that system each tournament would have a 1 000 000 people lmao, the whole idea and theory behind WOTS tournament system is flawed. 


-I also think that if wot would implement this system they do need to re-work their rewards, like a bit more gold and 100% more credits or credit rewards on average.

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