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Does WOT understand its playerbase?

Premium tanks

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Alfa_Tau #1 Posted 13 March 2021 - 08:36 PM

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Looking at the regular premium shops in the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that several tanks recently advertised as "tier VIII of the week" , were sold in very small numbers. 

I will name the last 3 as an example: e IS 6S , T77 and last the VK 168P .

Now IMO (and I want to underline this is my opinion based on playing not on spreadshit)  the reason for this are severals but all of them can be summarized in one. Does WOT understand its playerbase? Does WOT read forums and players opinions? 

For example IS6 can be get in the armory for bonds without any money. So do you really expect players to buy this OLD tank instead of getting it for free? 

T77 has been reviewed on YT by all the most famous CC: all came to the same point and basically gave a negative opinion. Or at least made clear that there are better tanks of the same kind (SOMUA SM).

VK 168P Seriously?? Every player that has reserched the German Heavy loine knows that VK 100 P (the regular tech tree version) is way better, So no surprise very few of this "monster " are sold.

And honestly the actual META is not really favourable to super heavys.

So once again I am wondering if WG department talk to each other. Because I dont have this impression. 

While it's nice to see some tanks recently received a buff (Super Pershing, T34 3 STA2 ) others seem completely forgotten and WOT seem not realising it. 

Well I hope among all the "HOLY SPREASDSHEETS" you will have one which tracks recent sales... yuou may then start to understand your playerbase. ...


MeetriX #2 Posted 13 March 2021 - 08:52 PM

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Marketing 101.

No matter what you offer as long as you keep doing it and hide the good stuff.

oglop #3 Posted 22 March 2021 - 07:58 PM

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How long did it take you to realise it?
It's well known that feedback from the forums is neglected (read ignored) + if they listen to any feedback it "must" come from the RU community.

WG has very little idea what to do about their marketing and for all these years they are "shooting blind" meaning they still do not understand their player base.

However they must be doing something right since they do it for 10+ years already so they keep doing it.

It is also known that WG cares only about the money (as every company, much surprise here) and the real quality of the game is on the second place (third maybe).

Any feedback from CCs has a little to no value same as the forums. 

And the last thing is that the developers would listen but they do NOT sell and therefore their opinion has less weight than marketing which is (my guess) full of people who do not even play the game itself nor understand it.


There has been a lot of posts like yours and achieved nothing. 

I wish you a good luck to changing that.


LordStarfire #4 Posted 03 April 2021 - 07:48 PM


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The reason for any company to host their own forum is to make sure that their customers do not do it on other social media.

I provides a certain level of control and people "writing" are not as dangerous as people "doing"!

Ranting gives the customers/citizens a feeling off doing something.

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