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Idea for a new Ranked Gamemode/event.

Brain-storming Ranked

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Pickles008 #1 Posted 17 March 2021 - 03:34 PM


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I will list an idea that I believe many players would be interested in as many other succesful games have already implemented some of these.


1) Competetive Ranked

7vs7 format with 2 different categories, a 7vs7 solo ranked (with maybe platoons of 2 max) and a 7vs7 team ranked. This game mode/event could have lots of rewards (cred,bonds,gold, achievment badges or tags) and ranks that people can relate to more like (bronze,silver,gold,diamond for example) 


Btw: I am very aware that ranked 15vs15 exists bht to me it is little more than a glorified PUB game, it is not competetive in the aspect that 7vs7 implements in regards to skill  and influence in the game, this gamemode could also alternate in different seasons, for example 1 season could be tier 9s, another tier 10s, another tier 10s without reward vehichles etc. This would spice things up, at the end of the ranked season the best teams could participate in a tournament for extra rewards.



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