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Balancing the Gold ammo OR make new server

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KIngMafiaDK #1 Posted 27 May 2021 - 08:26 PM


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I was just wondering..
I have close to 25000 battles .. I think im a decent player.. Not good not bad.
BUT i Really dont get why gold ammo should be in the game? .. Ye well i get that some dont have det skills to pen a maus, nither do i .. most of the time ..
BUT what is the point of maus? Or t95 Or the obj 705A .. you armor is useless against anything .. Any tier 8 with prem ammo can pen maus..

Why not make a server where you cant play with Noob ammo? or rebalance?.. og just remove armor all together, there is no point in having it?! .. Some will say i dont know to play the game..
Thats possible, or my opinion, those players who play CW or have lot of money will be the better player? Because they will pay their way to the skills?! 
This is not at rage post, i've been thinking alot about if there could be any changes? or if this is what you really wanted the game to be ? 

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