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Maximize Your In-Game Profit—Jump Into Episode #4 of Tank Bootcamp: Economy

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Community #1 Posted 03 June 2021 - 10:00 AM


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Discover the main types of in-game currency you'll come across in World of Tanks. Absorb tips and tricks to maximize your profit.

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Simona2k #2 Posted 03 June 2021 - 12:06 PM


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Very nice

Truntea #3 Posted 03 June 2021 - 12:26 PM

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There was a few errors in what the video said, the main one I recall was:

  • Once you enable experience going to the crew you wont earn any other experience type

This is wrong, as you will still earn free experience.

HansiVonHinten #4 Posted 03 June 2021 - 01:39 PM

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Yeah, money makes the world go around --- Wargaming just forgot they need a product worth spending money on.

KanonenVogel19 #5 Posted 03 June 2021 - 01:46 PM

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These videos are very good for new players, but I feel that I need to point one thing out:


"But there are also other ways how to obtain gold for free. Play the game for a while and take part in tournaments, ranked battles and clan wars where you could earn gold as a reward [...]"


Theoretically this is indeed true. But do you honestly feel that these are viable options for new players? Tournaments are happening at fixed times during the evening when many people are busy with real life and you compete against players that will most likely be much better that yourself. Ranked battles also requires you to be able to consistently perform very well in order to gain the required chevrons within the timeframe. Clan wars requires you to be in a good clan that actually earns some gold and these clans have very high recruit requirements.


I'm not saying that new players should not aim to become better at the game. But you also need to understand that becoming better at the game takes quite some time. Also some players might not be interested to turn their gameplay into a research analysis. If their day is filled with problem solving and challenges I doubt that they want to continue doing this in the game. They simply want to relax for a while and enjoy the game and get a break from real life.


Many other free-to-play games allow their players to earn small amounts of premium currency. It is not a lot and but it allows players to save it up and eventually getting something that they really wanted. On top it acts as a "taster" that allows new players to use some gold in order to see the benefits and maybe purchase some more.


One suggestion is to add 100 gold to the epic reward of daily missions:


HeatResistantBFG #6 Posted 03 June 2021 - 07:59 PM

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View PostSimona2k, on 03 June 2021 - 11:06 AM, said:

Very nice

Nice Comment

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