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121B worth it?

121 121B reward rewards tanks CW Global map Stronghold advance

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B0R34L #1 Posted 10 September 2021 - 10:30 AM


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Posting this here coz I feel better players look at this part of the forum.


Anyway, after the 121B up, lots of players have been calling it OP. Kajzoo on YT did a full video about how it's rlly good and a lot of Russian streamers like WolfHeart all say it's good.


The turret is soviet so that's good, the hull is pretty good too, the HEAT pen is insane, and the DPM is good too. I have enough bonds to get it but the one thing that throws me off is the gun depression. It's only -5. Now, I like either heavily armoured tanks (279, E3) or tanks with good gun depression (Kranberry, STB1). Honestly, I enjoy the hulldown tanks w gun dep the most. So, my q: how does the 121B feel regarding gun dep? It is completely hopeless on the hills/ridges? Does the rest of the tank make up for it? Should I get it for 15k bonds or should I chill and get a ton of purple equipment?



xx984 #2 Posted 10 September 2021 - 11:00 AM


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Play the t62a if you wanna see how the gun depression feels,


Apart from that it’s pretty good now, wouldn’t say it’s worth 15k bonds but then I got mine for 4K from CW few years ago so abit biased there. Buffs definitely made it useable now. 

Dis4ster #3 Posted 10 September 2021 - 11:29 AM

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I would save the bonds, WG is releasing now T9 premiums that can earn Bonds and are planing to give other T9 reward tanks bond earning capabilities. At some point they will try to drain the bonds from the game and thats best done with overly expensive overpowered tanks. 121B is just a russian clone and if you compare it with obj 140 its still crap, just wait for a real russian tank to appear in the bond shop/black market iam sure it will be better than 140.

I remember there was a russian reverse autoloader medium on the super test, imagine a Progetto with turret armor.

Gruff_ #4 Posted 10 September 2021 - 02:47 PM


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If you enjoy hull down tanks with gun depresion then you are likely to get frustrated with a limited -5 and the extra jiggling around to make it work, apart from that it does look good from the streams I've watched.

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