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[PRICE] is looking for PRICELESS players !

Clan CW Skirmish Global Map Advance

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EpicW4r #1 Posted 08 October 2021 - 08:20 PM


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** PRICE ** 


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[PRICE] is a clan who focus on CW success and part of Skirmishes and Advances. We are looking for skilled and the right mindset people to our clan to participate in CW, Skirmishes and more. 

We are a great leadership and looking for more members to be apart of great community. No fraking drama or rage babies are here to stay, If this sounds like what you're looking for, continue reading.


We provide:


Experiences FC to accompany on the battlefields with Great players.
Great community with nice, friendly players to play with.

• Payment with GOLD for activity in CW.

Platoons 24/7.

Skirmishes/Advances on a daily basis (tier 6, 8 & 10).

Clan Wars in campaigns and on the Global Map.

TeamSpeak3 server (price.net-speak.pl).

• Fun, because that's why we play this game.

Clan Reserves several times on the week and more on Weekend



What we expect of you:

•  Recent WN8 3000+

•  Active knowledge of English language

•  Activity during prime time 18:00 - 23:00

•  Brain to play with

•  Tanks that are useful ( Ob. 907, Ob. 260, T95 / Chieftain, Ob. 279 (e), Ob. 277, EBR 105, STB-1, Leopard 1 )

•  Loyalty. We do not like clan hoppers and want our applicants to be interested in a permanent membership and becoming an integral part of our community.

•  Good clan events attendance (Clan Wars, Skirmishes, Strongholds)

•  If you don't match our requirements in some aspects but exceed in others feel free to contact one of our recruiters.



How to apply:

•  Reply to this topic and we'll come back to you.

•  Alternatively, jump onto our Teamspeak (price.net-speak.pl).


EpicW4r #2 Posted 09 October 2021 - 08:41 PM


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