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So how much did u save up for BM till now

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Raxi_ #21 Posted 27 November 2021 - 04:02 PM


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I saved up nothing, credits just pile up with premium account, have around 50 mil. As for BM, not having big expectations honestly, but if something nice, that i might like pops up, i might go for it.

General_Jack_D_Ripper #22 Posted 27 November 2021 - 05:18 PM

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View PostSpectral_Warrior, on 26 November 2021 - 08:11 AM, said:

Clearly not enough if I wanted to participate.

But last time's WZ-Quinlan and the golden Type 59 I've learned not to try. Only for some small stuff that simply can be bought straight up, but the auxtion... No way josé.

Fyi, only have like 12 mln


I had only like 14 Million for last BM. I hold on till the end and got lucky. Type 59 gold for me. :)

__Eric__ #23 Posted 27 November 2021 - 05:43 PM


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I have 100m, but not saving it for BM. I don't think I will participate in any bidding. I have too many prems anyway.

Codename_Jelly #24 Posted 27 November 2021 - 07:36 PM

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Not been able to play what with game kicking me from server after hanging at the end of every battle.

beercritch #25 Posted 27 November 2021 - 09:43 PM


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last year I got a few things through the BM, but over the year everything i won a bid on has come up for sale at a very similar price anyway, so this year I have already decided I am not going to bother and save myself the aggro of working out what a "fair" winning price will be

24doom24 #26 Posted 27 November 2021 - 10:31 PM

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The key is the only thing worthwhile for me, I have everything else I could want. Everything that's "good" is usually an auction or it's gold and both are outrageous price. 

And we'll likely see bond offers too :ohmy:

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L0rd_0f_War #27 Posted Yesterday, 02:47 AM


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I went 130M+ but then bought some tier 10s, around 15M spent on credit Daily Deals (5.5M+2.7M+7.5M+2M, etc) and consumables. Still around 114M after the last episode of FL. And I do like to have credits in bank, for BM and stuff like Daily Deals which pops up once or twice a year to soak up credits from the game. I also never bother with Tier 10 sales and auctions in BM, as they are inflated and mostly just for Garage Collection (waste of credits TBH). I try to pick up some Tier 8 premiums for credits when I can, mostly so I have more variety in Frontlines. Last year the crappy WG servers denied me (7 times with errors instead of a tank) when I tried to buy the Turtle for credits. Such a lame experience that it soured the whole BM experience for me. I did pick up the TL1 LPC from the Credit auction and bough the 50TP Prot. on a gold auction for a very low price (5695 gold bid - using some last bit of gold I had in my account for a long time).


I hope next BM there will be a few more T8 premiums for credits and the WG servers can keep up in case of straight sales. I also have 50K+ bonds accumulated since years, so would be nice to get something nice in the BM for bonds.

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