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emoteguy00 #1 Posted 18 January 2012 - 09:35 PM

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ok hello there fellow tankers i got bored so i decided to make this post after arguing with a guy about this camping matter. ok so question why do people call other people campers?? why do they do it?? when i see someone sitting there i just say ok there defnding a position but NO NO NO some little geek has to start crying about how camping ruins the game and how camping makes us lose  <_< just wanting to know why they do it what do they think in real life when defending a position ( in wars you know ) the ememy would sit there and cry about it.

this is ussual what happens to these little geeks

player 1 : lets move out
player 2 : il go left
player 2 : *goes ahead and DIES*
player 2 : omfg you stupid campers learn to play you stupid little faggots

about 2 minutes later:

player 1 : ok we nearly got them
player 2 : stfu you noob move up you camping idiots learn to play

about 30 seconds later

player 1 : capturing base
player 2 : stop camping you idiot go move someplace

10 seconds later we are about to lose

player 2 : ffs you stupid idiots learn to play camping noobs
player 2 : *RAGEQUITS*

not joking this is happend to me quite a few times sorry for my bad acting skills there  :lol: anyway feel free to post what you think just please keep the posts at lease a little bit constructive or maybe a joke or 2  ;)

blownfuse #2 Posted 18 January 2012 - 10:05 PM


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As always, there are more to it, than that.

There are "campers" who are actually actively defending own cap-zone. Someone has to do it, so good job. But most maps don´t call for 5 - 6 - 7+ defenders. That leaves the attack crippled and underpowered.

There are situations (MM outcome for example) that call for a strict defensive strategy. Here all should camp (or defend). Except scouts.

Then there are maps, where "common knowledge" says it is suicide to move as much as an inch. And frankly, I call bullshit on that. There are no maps in this game, that can´t be played aggresively. There is no map in this game, where attack equals suicide. There are routes where it is close to suicide to attack, but then there are always another route to attack. I also claim that no map needs more than 2-3 base defenders (+ arty), if attack force isn´t completely stupid.

What I experience in around 90% (or more) of random battles is one of these 2 things :

8-10 of team camps (these I call campers. True defenders would´nt be more than 2 or 3), while the rest starts attacking. These last 3-5 tanks offcourse get annihilated pronto. And usually the campers get picked off, one by one, and battle is lost. The win-percentage for these scenarios, that I´ve played a part in, is less than 5% !  Leading me to think : "Camping is never the best way, to battle". Unless a particular lobsided MM calls for the strict defensive strategy.

8-10 of team attacks down one route, which is usually the one that I´ve never seen an attack be succesfull. Arty stays back, and the last 2-4 tanks attack down the route, where there actually are a chance for a succesfull attack. These few offcourse can´t punch through, so they die quickly, while the mainforce all scrams for cover, when the first red dot shows on the minimap. From here on, maiforce completely ignores minimap and battlechat, while they are picked off, one by one, some of them frantically spamming F7. Which helps them zilch, because the few sensible ones are either dead, or a long way away, there are no defenders at base to rush to the rescue, and all they´re "mainforce"-buddyes are equally kneedeep in the quagmire, theyre stupid tactic choice has put them in.

Now, I could write an entire essay, with actual examples, from actual battles, on specific maps. But I don´t have the stamina to write an essay in here. This is quite long, as it is. Furthermore there are coultles variations, on the entire "camper"-debate. I´ve mainly in this post, concentrated on those who camp in immediate vicinity of homebase.

I would like to make crystal-clear, that I respect defenders. True defenders are godsend, and a battle without a couple of dedicated defenders, can easily turn a victory into a loss. Campers, on the other hand.... Well, respect is not a word that enter my mind, when I see them on the battlefield.

This post just touches a few, short, elements of the debate. There a gazillion variations. So read my post, with that in mind. My post is not my definate answer to #0, but a very boiled down answer to it.


Ps. Player2 in #0, is definately a moron. From the way he is portraited. But.... We don´t know map, MM or how battle evolved. So..... Maybe player1 is the moron. Hard to say, without the complete "story".

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