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MODEL KITS (T29 and T28/95)

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MIL0 #1 Posted 23 January 2012 - 01:17 PM


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Would anyone know of any company that sells American T29 and T28/95 TD model kits?

Goetterwind #2 Posted 23 January 2012 - 01:27 PM

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Take a look for the Accurate Armour Kits:

Super Heavy American Tank T28

Meerkat #3 Posted 23 January 2012 - 01:40 PM


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Not exactly cheap though... are there any cheaper options, I'm kinda interested too.

JoshZemlinsky #4 Posted 22 March 2012 - 09:21 PM


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Doubt it, but i guess a company like Trumpeter would make it. They have already made some really interesting tanks, like the whole E- series. Including Jagdpanzer E-100
So lets cross our fingers. If there was, i'd so buy a T95.

Frosty #5 Posted 19 April 2012 - 02:51 AM


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Kinda old thread but...

As far as i know there are no kits of T29/T34/T30/T32 tanks.


Im planning to buy 2-3 Pershing kits and use them as a base for T34 and T32 models.

Thig is both of those tanks were designed to share as many parts as possible with Pershing - and this can be uesd to our advantage :)

T32 uses very similar hull and turret. Main problem is that it's got extra pair of road wheels that need to be added, also engine deck is got a different layout of the grilles and hatches. Turret will require less effort as only the gun mantlet needs to be re-worked and additionl armor should be added at the back of it as a counter-balance.

T29-34-30 is more difficoult as apart of the hull changes (that would be similar to those on t32) the turret needs to be built entirely from scratch.

Also there is one more issue: tracks. Both heavies used Pershing tracks but on T29-34-30 those were modified by adding small plates at each joint in order to increase the width and decrease the pressure on the ground. Those plates of course also need ot be made form scratch and there will be lots of em :) (but without them tank just woulnd't look like it should.

Now a word ab the kits that can be used.

1/72 Scale is too small for me - so this one is out of the window (plus all the Pershing kits in this scale got rubber tracks)

First i thought ab 1/48 Pershing form Tamiya but all of the 1/48 vehicles form this maker have their lower hulls made form metal - so extending them in order to incorporate another pair or read wheels is pretty much impossible.

In 1/35 we got Tamiya, Hobby Boss and Dragon. Tamiya is got rubber tracks so again - not good. What we want is tracks made form separate links - as becaus of the extra pair of wheels tracks also need to be made longer - Dragon is got them for sure and i think Hobba Boss too (this needs to be double checked) but u need to keep in mind that there might be just not enaugh links in one kit - thats why i mentioned buying perhaps 3 kits - two for the major components plus one for extra road wheels and trak links. Also there is an option to buy after market ones (i kno AFV used to make single-link workable tracks).

Anyway - theese are the basics. In general this won't be easy and wouldn't reccomend it to begginer moddlers. Once i'll finally get all the kits and extras i'll make some kind of phot-relation.

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