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Graphics card problem? Put it in the oven =)

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R_O_N_I_N #1 Posted 25 January 2012 - 04:46 AM


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You see graphic artifacts while playing?
Weird pixels that dont belong there?
No image on your monitor when trying to boot?
Sounds like a problem with the graphic card.

Here´s a fix that helped obviously a TON of people already: Put it in an oven.  
Albeit this sounds ridicolous, this is apparently not a hoax.  
A commonly used method is to wrap the card (after having removed possibly all or most of the plastic components like the cooler fan) into aluminium foil, put that on a dish, and bake it at various differing temperatures/durations. You should read indepth on this topic if it interests you in a serious manner.  

Here´s a german PC forums where the thread on this topic is already 50 pages long (rofl).

Albeit in german, the poll on the top of the site shows the success rate in correlation with the oven-temperature in degree celcius.
Posted Image
Theres various other sources in all kinds of languages on this topic.
Disclaimer: To my best knowledge this is not a hoax or trick. I am in no way responsible if you damage your graphics card or your sister´s iPad due to baking experiments.
Read what other people wrote in other specialiced forums on this if it interests you any deeper.

But if you have an older damaged card stored somewhere in that shelve, you might get it working again.  
Whenever you are looking for a new card, because your old one pressumably "died", this might be your chance to bring it back to life. You got nothing to lose in these cases if you apply the oven trick to hardware you already considered "finished".

P.S.: I cant give tipps on what specs are good to use and what devices might work or stuff like this. I stumbled upon this, because I recently ordered a new graphics card and came by this by accident. Might save me some Euros one day, and maybe it will do so for you.

P.P.S.: Some people got other stuff working that way aswell, Mainboards, Routers... (rofl).

wildshade #2 Posted 25 January 2012 - 05:12 AM


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That method is epic, but risky. Still very cool  <_<

Oposohaup #3 Posted 25 January 2012 - 07:10 AM


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not realy that odd, older keyboards you could actualy put in the dishwasher and let them dry out for a while to clean them out,

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