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Punishing queue!?!

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Lovac_iz_zasjedeBiH #1 Posted 07 February 2012 - 10:14 PM


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I'm pretty much new to the game, but I noticed there is a lot of all kind of flaws.
I hope this post wont be deleted, that is why I put it into off topic and id love it if a developer could read it.

First there is the punishing queue for low tier tanks.
I finally managed to get to the Stug3 tank hunter, but I'm always getting put into battle with high tier tanks with more than 1000 hp and most of their guns can one shot me, while I cant even scratch their paint.
It makes me feel like a Palestinian child throwing rocks on Jewish IDF tanks and vehicles while getting one shotted most of the time.
So I wonder why that? Whats the point of this? To slow the progress or to make people buy premium tanks?
It is annoying and stupid. What can a stock Stug3 do against a Tiger, VK3601 or any Tier 6-7-8?
It cant be too hard with 50 thousand people online and 500 battles to arrange a fair tier 5, tier 6,7,8 battles...
It is almost as if you were playing world of warcraft, and you get queued into a battleground with your lvl 75 against lvl 85, so your pretty much useless. Cant even contribute anything to the battle.


This game uses historical facts for the armor of tanks and guns, but it lacks any kind of simulation at all.
Let's say the Panzer kampfwagen IV....
First it uses some pretty much crazy turret never seen on the battlefield and an 75mm L/70 gun. Its not possible for the Panzer IV suspension to hold a 13t turret and an uber long gun. That gun was mounted on the Panther tank, and is one of the most deadly guns in World War 2.
There comes the 88mm L/55 (short) that was mounted on the Tiger tank. Say if you follow the historical facts about armor and guns, then why not make it deadly instead of making it to have some tiny 240 damage. Same goes for the L/70 gun.
There are even the Soviet guns, ok I know Soviets loved powerful gun's but come on, it seems they are always drunk, cant hit anything and miss most of the time. Soviet gun werent that inaccurate hihi.
So why use accurate historical facts on some science fiction tanks? Whats the point of it?
There is even the hyper traverse speed of tank turrets....I just have no comment on that...
It seems a more heavier tank can turn their heavy turrets much faster than the lighter tank, wich is totally stupid.
So why use history facts about armor and gun's/cannon's when the very game is pure arcade?
(some will say now, if this would be fixed than there would be no American tanks.... I have noting against Sci Fi tanks, but it makes me angry if someone uses history facts, but dumbs it down.)


Moderators.....The red name colored guys....that warn you about using any language but English.
I find it ok to enforce the rules of the game...
But most of the moderators are abusing their power, chat banning for nothing, without any patience towards new players.
Seems there is no free speech with a moderator, no free thinking. I have the feeling they just itch to get a reason to chat ban someone.
There are some of the moderators that give protection and support to certain group of people/clans that use names that are connected to war criminals, genocide names, grupations and alliances. That goes mostly for the Balkan sub forums.
I wont call any names, because that would give those moderators a reason to ban my from the forum for a few days saying that I am doing national insults or worse. Which I'm not.
I belive there should be professional Game masters, that do not care about nationality, religion, race...etc...But are neutral and are driven by justice and not personal interests.

Well that's about it. I hope someone smart reads this carefully and try's to understand my text and my feelings before posting their comment about this post.


DougHole #2 Posted 07 February 2012 - 10:36 PM


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A good post but honestly its wasted here, most people who inhabit off topic are wandering lost souls with no spiritual home. Or zombies.

Try newcomers forum http://forum.worldof...ewcomers-forum/

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