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T95: Maps with basic paths and points of no-return

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LittleLILI #1 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:23 PM

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Posted Image (NVS clan logo)  Welcome to the tough life of a T95 !!! ;)
I guess it is a good example of a “Mexican standoff” ! E75 kills VK4502A who kills VK4502P!

I do this thread for the courageous souls who are entertaining the though of getting a T95 (or even a T28).

The main problem of this tank is its speed.
13km/h according to specifications, but actually navigating between 10 and 11 k/h on regular ground. The slightest  obstacle will easily reduce this speed by 2 to 5 k/h…
Think about it: a T95 goes at half the speed of a Maus!! or: a Maus goes at 200% your speed!!"  ... Just think about it again... and it is somehow scary. Especially when a Maus overtakes you like a T-50-2 would do with others...
Another big issue is the lack of depression of its gun, and as it is placed very low, a 0.5m trench/edge will simply hide your target, and make you aiming at the sky as soon as you try to see and go beyond… and it takes time for going “beyond”, showing a main weak spot: the lower front plates.
If you do not know how low you are, have a look at what you see... not exactly good for aiming at something... but good for camo:

Hence, the game has a total different flavor in a T95. WoT’smap are totally different for you (T95 driver), and all other tanks.
All other tanks, I say all, can think about going further than half of the map.
For a T95, it is a Journey To The Unknown. You know when you leave; you don’t know when you will arrive, and how…
You will rule 2 dimensions: longitude and latitude. But you will be ruled by the 2 other dimensions: altitude and TIME !!! Time... is your God...
Whatever you will do in a T95, you will have to think about the clock and doing things in time. You will be like the Rabbit in Alice... always late.
Posted Image... but won't run as fast...

I will then state the obvious for all current T95 owners.
No rocket science, no secrets.
Experienced players will learn nothing and probably suggests different paths and strategies. Of course!
I am a very average player. You can all do better. I am solid in defense or attack but with my fair share of (very) stupid moves and loads of (T59) players calling me noob because I cannot shoot everything in front, on the side and behind me within seconds...
If you wish, you can see my stats for the T95 here. and profile here.

My goal is not to deliver a guide on how to use a T95.
I just want to share what I learnt after some battles in my T95, and help new fellow T95s (we should make a T95 guild… ;))  when facing a map,  and suggest a global idea of what can be done, and what is next to impossible…
Except for those who found a rare teleport scroll or a rune of swiftness, of course.

In the maps below, I have drawn lines in 3 colors:
▓▓▓▓▓▓ Green path : what I do 70% of the time. The safe and natural path for my T95 (again, other experienced T95 owners can have a different idea! Welcome!!). It means that most of your game will probably use this “safe” path. When on the green path, you can mostly defend your base, or have a chance to come back for defense. You can also place yourself for supporting your team, knowing that most of the time they are long gone!…
▓▓▓▓▓▓ Orange path:20% of my choice. Risky, but you start to develop a more offensive stance. You can be spotted anytime, so go on this path if you do not fear much arties, and your flanks/back…
▓▓▓▓▓▓ Red line:It shows the time radius for a T95. If you cross this line, you can NOT come back in time for defending your base (1 mn + visu/shot). Beyond this limit, there is definitely no way back. Go get invader is your best option, or die gloriously! And yes... it is possible… hum…

link to a zip file with all maps:http://www.mediafire...m5bnqajzwavoplr

70% + 20% =90%... and what about the missing 10%?
The other 10% are not documented: just my crazy moves and unexpected actions (unexpected mostly by me…). It is also last second decisions.
By instance "Mountain Pass" (cf, comment by apo86) when starting from North.
At start, you can be the 1st to react and aim straight at your main location, it can be the bridge zone... But a few seconds later the whole team overtakes you and you discover that it is a lemming train heading south... No one on north (glacier) path... You are still crawling out of your base and the others are already somewhere south... As a defending machine, your best choice is then to loose another 2mn and go on this path, staying as much as possible on the flat part. You will probably have to defend and buy time for the others, so they can cap...
I do not draw the 10% cases, as it requires a good feeling of your tank, and appreciate quickly how far you can go. Experience will tell. Besides, when playing a T95, it is advised to have played a SPG so then you have a better feeling of the common blind spots for them...

LittleLILI #2 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:24 PM

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The central road is the best path to victory! An almost flat path. From there, you can help your friends in part of the city, you block a direct access to your base, and you can even scout for tanks going lake side. The path is narrow and attacking tanks will see your front hull and gun. They wont find easy to block you and attack your side/rear. If the city attack fails, you have a good sniping/defending place. If city is (almost) taken, you will be a tremendous asset when reaching the 2nd half of the central road... And if the narrow valley is unlocked, you are in position for defense.
Arty is a threat, as usual, but there are some good spots for decent cover.
I never go in the narrow valley. Going down and up hill is exactly what you do not want in a T95. It takes >4mn for reaching half way, and at 3 to 5km/h, you will probably arrive too late for support, or will be killed when trying to reach a top and showing your lower hull for many seconds...
You can try to go to the city, but stay on the upper path, do not go downtown...
Depending on what your team do, you go around the hill for support/attack in the village, or stay around your base for snipping. Don't do this of course if you see that no one try to take the hill, or you are about to loose the hill, as you will be killed from above by snipers...
It is a small map, and staying around your base is definitely your best option as you can support half of your team at least.
When starting from (II), you will be tempted to go to the little snipping hill. It takes 1mn to settle there. Be sure to stay as close as possible to the right boulder for cover when climbing: if a fast enemy tank has already reached the central hill, you will be spotted and heavily damaged.
The (I) start has a nice snipping place, left of base, at the end of the orange path. It allows support for tanks reaching top hill, and control of the main island. However, it is exposed to arty if spotted.
I go sometimes up the central hill... yes. But only when arty is gone and island and village sides are locked. It will take you 2.5mn for reaching the boulders on top, gun pointing at the sky, and another 1.5mn for going on the hill itself... so be sure that you can afford it!
Mountain Pass
Stay on the flat land is your main goal. There is a strategical triangle for both starts: the converging point where attacks from bridge/dry lake/hill side will came. Stay in this region for the best efficiency and move according to needs.
I like the bridge path as it is the shortest path, in time and distance. If undefended, you have a fantastic support position from above on attackers located glacier side. It is also next to impossible to rush at you and block you. If arty is weak, or opponent hiding behind the corner during a reload, we can try a rush (hum!...) across the bridge and surprise the enemy with a brutal frontal attack.
I go glacier side only if I start on (I) and it is empty, and I need to fill a gap and buy time for my team. Otherwise I am too slow and cumbersome for really supporting tanks there. Starting from (II) via the right side and glacier, the journey at full speed for going base to base takes... 9mn... forget it... stay in your base, and you have a 250m shooting line with a final steep rise for invading tanks...
An interesting map, where you can do whatever you wish, except going to the little village: it is for lighter and much faster tanks...
I like to crawl on the main circular road going straight from (I) to (II). I can intercept incoming tanks, help light tanks reaching the village, sometimes spot arties, and take city tanks in a cross fire. Beware: it is easy for other tanks to spot you either, and rush at you...
Siegfried Line
To be honest, I do not like this map, as I do not know well how to play it.
Of course, forget about the open side with bunkers. City is for you.
The problem I have in this map are the streets: blocks are small and streets have many horizontal lines. It is rather easy for a tank to spot you, and just go around a block for hitting you in the back before you can turn your hull, or have another tank shooting your sides.
It is important not to be greedy on this map, and stay on the edge of the city until you can safely advance with your team. Do not go in alone. It is a trap.

LittleLILI #3 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:25 PM

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Believe it or not, but it is my preferred map. For tanks up to tier 6 and my SPGs...
Because for a T95... life is a game of patience.
At start, do not turn your hull. Just go backward slowly and wait 20 sec for rushing scouts (both sides...). It is usually free range shooting for a while...
Then it is the classic sniping/hiding positions...
The best attacking path is river side, as there is a small path allowing you to sneak your low frame with a minimum of vulnerability.
Starting from (II), I can sometime reach the church and support from there. It is a 4.5mn trip, but it is part of the 10%...
I went on top of the hill. Once. For fun. It took me more than 7 mn full speed and unchallenged. I was bored to see a Maus, a IS7 and 2 mediums (Patton and E50 I think) staying in base with some heavies, and others waiting in the nearby forest with our 4 arties. When I reached the top, with 4mn to go, I found no one! Both team started to have suicide actions by other bored players, and it ended up in a draw. At least, I did more distance in my T95 that my whole team, and it was a warm feeling.
Starting from (I), I like to go support the attack hill side. If the heavies in my team are smat, they wait for me and do the double-deck tactic. I go front and I am used as a mobile defense. Other tanks tend to concentrate the fire on me, and my team can shoot them 1 by 1, shooting above me. It works 50% of the time... Of course, I snipe also from the forest, but just do it if the starting matchmaking suggests fast tank invaders.
From (II), I always climb the tableland, and snipe for a while, then usually proceed for supporting north group. The elevated position is a great asset on this map, use it!
I never went on the south path. Long way to go and others will spot you and you will be crunched before doing something useful. Perhaps I should try a day...
A simple map for a T95. Choices are easy to do.
No arties? (or weak tier 5 arties) I like to go other side of the rail-track, with a long stay as a naval gun for long range shooting on top of the tracks!
Arties? Forest side. With a preference for the lower inside path if no enemy tanks spotted from railway side (otherwise they will spot you and hit your sides), and upper external path if heavy Tds are expected in front.
This map is purely defense if start from (I). the best position is in the little plateau with 3 houses. Do Not try to go on the hill just north of the starting position: it will take forever to climb it, and you have no gun depression: you wont be able to do good things until it is too late and your base almost taken...
If you start from (II), it will be a total different game. Accept the crawl up hill for 3 to 4mn depending on the side you spawn and choose, and reach a support position left of right of the woody L-shaped hill. You can support half of your team and do a lot of damages. When moving, use the slope for protecting you from arty shots, and stay as high as you can: do not go downhill. If you decide to attack, as you will go downhill, you will reach a whooping 13km/h !!! and you quickly reach the river/village for cover. Well, at least, you will have the feeling you go fast... sigh...
Sand River (Desert)
You are a long range shooter. And if you start the attack, do it only when your team is about to climb the other side and/or enemy arties are down and enemy weaken (in terms of long range shooters).
You will be very useful by staying on the rise next to each start.
Don't be fancy on this one. Your presence can block attacks from North-East side, and even shoot at targets in the main village.
Do not place yourself right on the edge at start for not being immediately spotted by the inevitable fast tanks coming from north-East.. Experienced arties will often do blind shots there. After a shot, when reloading, move slightly back out of direct sight, as you are a prime target.
If the front line is stabilized, especially on your sides, you can try to go down the village road.
Never go in the sand hills. At 3km/h, you will see nothing of the battle... before dying.
Most of the time, if your team is decimated, you will be the last standing tank. Keep the back of your hull on a boulder, try to put something between you and arties/other tanks, and focus on 1 tank at a time. When surrounded, do NOT turn your hull for spreading left and right. Choose a tank that is your prime danger, and try to kill him before being killed. Focus on as few target as possible. The other tankers will wait that you shoot for trying a shot at you. Try to reduce the threat 1 by 1, and do not forget that even a 1% tank has a 100% shell that can kill you.

LittleLILI #4 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:25 PM

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El Halluf
Another map where you wont reach the other flag...
It takes 7mn full speed for going flag to flag.
Pure long range shots, on target spotted by others.
Starting from (I), I advise to stay on top, and on the left side. Temptation is high to stay on the right side, unfortunately your gun depression is very bad, and you can not hit targets running along the beach or the village: for this, you need to advance way too much and you are always spotted, and very vulnerable.
Your best option is to support the attacking group going North. Cover them, hit the defenders going around the north hill, or on top of the little flat area (the TD spot...) that is at the end of the green path when starting from (II)... Refrain from going down, except if there is nothing else to do. If you need to attack, do it from a northern position as it would allow to use the dry river as a cover for a part of the trip.
From (II), same issue as with the right sniping zone on (I): left sniping zones on (II), i.e. facing the village, do not allow your gun to hit lower targets. Avoid it if you can. The best is to go to the right, until a little flat area overlooking the northern part of the map (end of the green path). Beware: it is a well known place and arties and Tds can try blind shots, and the invading group from North will spot you as soon as they reach the summit of the northern hill. Do not stand right on the edge, or where a tiny bush and tree stand... Stay back a bit, and try to stay protected on your left side (if you face North) by a larger boulder.
If no artillery, you can try an attack. A good thing with the T95 is its gun elevation! On flat land, you can hit targets much higher than you, such as opponents on top of the other side. Use then the various boulders that are located in the valley, especially middle and northern part...
But be patient on this map. You are a defender at 99%...
As a TD, you will always spawn next to a bridge. You are too slow for really going back to the castle or the top of the woody hill with the heavies. An Object, or JagdTiger can do it, not you, so go! Cross this bridge. Then a few meters further, take your position for locking the access... and hope for support because it is easy for a medium to go around you and kill you!
Whatever start, the other side gives you excellent cover behind houses or a boulder.
The best bet on this map is really to play it in 2 phases.
Phase 1: support and snipe targets showing up from behind the hills. Check sometimes at the city, as you can also snipe some tanks that try to go through the central bridge. Always keep a obstacle between you and the diagonal of the map: arties wont have a shot a you. By instance, if you are on the northen bridge, if you see the castle, so then it means that arties can also shoot at you...
Phase 2: as soon as you have identified the forces against your group, and against the group on the other bridge go back to your base for defense (you need to do it in advance...) or push forward. If you choose to push forward, I advise you to climb the hill in a diagonal, with the slope protecting you from arty shots...(orange path). Lengthy process, but very very penetrating...
Fisherman’s Bay
Clockwise? Or anti-clockwise? Your choice. Definitely never ever the central part.
And I do not stay much in base either, except if, like on Malinovka, I expect a scouting rush by fast runners.
I tend to prefer the city side for 2 reasons:
1- it goes down, so then you reach the battle line a bit faster!
2- City sees heavy battles with heavy tanks. You have a T95. This TD is designed for fighting against anything, and preferably tiers 9 and 10 tanks. So go for it and help your friends as you have a tank that can make the decision. Of course, if the enemy is well organized and fast, they will submerge you from the little valley, not from the city.
Check well the matchmaking, and do your bet, like a goalkeeper before a penalty shot...
Ah... Karelia...
Like a goalkeeper before a penalty shot? Here too.
Stay in base and cover central and left side if (I)), or right side if (II)... or go support the attack around the hill?
Up to you, the matchmaking, and the way you see your team splitting the forces.
I like to stay in front of base for some minutes, and see how things go on the hill side. If my semi-open side is fighting too far, I cannot see the targets. Better then to start changing your position: either go center and force the enemy to fight on a new front, or go around the hill if you feel they are struggling or locked...
On this map, stay flexible, and on the look out as you will have to anticipate where the final blow will come from...
I liked very much this map when in my low tier TDs. With Malinovka, I did my best scores on it... perhaps because, like on Malinovkha, many players do not like it and do foolish moves out of frustration... You do not play well if you do not enjoy what you do...
In my T95, I do not like Komarin as much as in my MarderII, but still...
Forget the central island, even if it is part of 10% of my games, it is not really a good place for tanks without turret.
Most of the time, I place myself as a base defender/spotter as arty will often do good use of someone spotting an invader. The defensive stance allows also a good angle on tanks fighting on the island. In average, I do 2 kills on this map, 1 on the island, and 1 invader, and confederate quite well.
The other stance is to help the base attacking team to clean up the area around the bridge.
If I cap, I am of course prime target (especially for arties), but I allow 2 tanks to hide behind me and cap with reasonable protection. 3 tanks capping disorganize many opponents as they try rushing to defense, and reveal their position in the process. A bit of a gambling, but it unlocks many battles on Komarin as it is a map for draws...

LittleLILI #5 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:25 PM

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I don't like very much Steppes...
It is not because of the map, but because in random mode, I see most of the time players underestimating the valley side, and going to play in the hilly part...
I noticed that, if you are matched with very heavy metal, valley will be almost ignored, but if you are top of the matchmaking and go hill side, they will all go valley... go figure...
Staying base allows some long range shots but not much, but you are not very useful most of the time. It is true that the central valley is often used by scouts and arty hunters, but what a waste immobilizing a beast like a T95 for countering a T-50-2 or AMX 13xx. Especially with their speed, and the very slow rotating degrees of a a T95, you can do very little, or even die with a mosquito dancing around you.
Most of the time, I prefer go valley side and help the rare tanks that go there. It is important in this case to stay on high spots, or at least not inside the valley as it becomes quickly a trap with tanks going around you from the top, and you see them too late. It is why my green path is slightly on top of the valley.
I never go hilly side when starting from (II) as it generates fight at too close range, and you need a turret or at least a better engine for rotating well.
When on start (I), there is a nice sniping place, that intercepts and blocks tanks coming left. See the green path, and the orange fork at the end: it is a very nice intercepting position.. for any tanks... It allows also a very good view at your base for “fast” defense … hum.. according to a T95 standard of course...
A good map for a T95 as you can really help to make the decision if you have team mate(s).
It all depends on the spawning position. Where you spawn is ignored by most players, because they have the speed for covering in 10s what you would do in 40s or more... which can do the difference between being spotted in the open or not...
Simply go to the side where you spawn, so then you will be in fighting position when your team mates will engage the other team: you will optimize your support.
I have a preference for a spawn on the left of start (I), as I noticed that many teams on start (II) have a weak protection on this side. It is even possible for a T95 to cross the bridge and go left, behind a little natural elevation very useful for crossfire sniping on the city and beyond... (the orange path).
Otherwise, If starting from II or right side of (I), I stay our side of the river.
What is also fun, when there is no arty, is to place yourself almost at the entrance of the swamp, in a deep shell trench, and play rotating naval gun... other tanks will have hard time hitting you as 80% of your tank is below ground level from all sides.
My 3rd unwelcome map!
At start, they only 1 choice for you: run for cover, go for city....
You have very little time before the red tanks spot you and if you are caught in the open, arties will say “yummy!”
You can try to go up hill as you would do with a “normal” TD, but the time you reach the top, it will be too late... you can perhaps try if starting from (I), but forget from (II)...
Of course, don't even think about the valley. On this map, you will play on ¼ of the area.
It is like on Siegfried Line. Do not enter the village! Stay on the edge and be sure that not tank comes on your side or worst, behind you.
It is a game by erosion. Very static for you as soon as you reach the houses. It will all depend on what the hill group does... or does not.
Most of the time, I head to the church, where I find heavy metal to play with. A Maus or E100 or ISx.  And most of the time, we just play a game where we neutralize each other. Your mission is to keep the big tanks busy and frozen by you, so then they can not engage other teammates. The decision will mostly come from other players
If the hill group fails, you will be surrounded (c.f.: the printscreen in my opening post) and wont survive for long.
If the hill group resists well but it is a stand off, decision will come from the valley: as soon as a cap starts, all is unlocked.
And if you notice that your hill group is about to do a breakthrough, so then it is time to attack and increase the panic in your opponents...
The Devs at WoT designed the T95 by first testing it on Himmelsdorf.
It is true that, when you see a T95 going down the hill side road, it is a hard time for the poor souls in front, especially if a smart T30 is behind you and double your fire power!! Well... receiving a 1800 hit points shot by a 30cm advancing steel wall is not something you want to see if you are on the wrong side of the guns.
The double-deck strategy works very well in Himmelsdorf, and whatever you do, try to suggest it to another player. You go front, and the other tank, with a higher turret and good fire power, is right behind you. You shoot at the same target (think about hitting “T” key for informing).
Depending on the way players start, no need to increase the traffic jam on this hills side road either. With your speed you will arrive after all of them and it is no place for aswitching lanes...
In this case, better to cover railway side, but be careful: arties will wait for you and you must place well the building: do not be too greedy.
Another option is to go straight from your base. I like to do this when I feel that fast little guys will , or for scouting for arties staying in the central lane either... it happens. Central road is often unused by high tiers, and you can decide from there to support left or right if needed. It buy you time for deciding.
Do not go further that the middle of the map though. Even if very successful on 1 side, keep a sharp eye on the hill as 50% of lost battle on Himmelsdorf come from tanks invading from hill and capping before your team can cap. You are still in a superb defending machine, and you need to be available for resetting the cap. And Himmelsdorf is the top map for fast caps and defense points.
Abbey (monastery)
Will they come from the abbey? From the hill? From behind the hill? From the canyon corridor?
If your team “forget” the canyon, go and just stay at the entrance of it for blocking the access. Do NOT go further as there arty will have a clear shot at you and you can be surrounded by fast tanks if too close. You are also too slow for going down the whole road...
The best bet is to stay in base, and snipe by steps:
1- snipe the entrance to the abbey and support fast tanks going there
2- be ready to intercept fast scouts and arty killers going through the village or the open road both side of the abbey
3- when this job is done and battle line is stabilized or known, if main threat comes from hill side: stay in base, and prepare an ambush with your side/back protected. If threats can come from canyon, go to the blocking place by placing your tank facing down the portion of the entrance to the canyon and your base...
4- if threat contained on both side, push forward on the flat area (orange path) and open a new front...

LittleLILI #6 Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:26 PM

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Arctic Region
From (I), you are most helpful by blocking the southern entrance to your base. Of course, do not go downhill and let other tanks go around the corner for scouting and retreating fast if needed. Stay on the right side of the downhill path as the left side can be visible to enemy arties...
Refrain from going too low, but try also to have your back below ground level, so a tank going around the hill wont have an immediate shot at you. The best of course is to have a friendly tank right behind you. Even if he dies, his wreck will give you a good cover.
From this position, enemy tanks will really think twice before forcing the door...
I like also, from time to time, to ambush by going right side until a boulder: from there, I can intercept tanks that try to take a shortcut, attack right or defend base if needed. The path is generally too long for pushing an attack much further, but it is worth a try if you feel that the south group holds well.
From (II), It is very efficient to stay left, snipe, and block the northern entrance to your base. I did many successful “last stands” there, with our arties eroding the incoming waves. Do not go too far north as you do not want to have tanks coming in your back.
On this map, your job is to buy time for others. You can block alone 2 or 3 big tanks (sometimes more...), and it is a big relief for your attacking team mates.
As you have corridors, your worst enemy on the map is arty, and tanks coming in your back. If you place yourself in the right position and do not try to be greedy, it will be for your team like fighting 16 tanks versus 15.
A very simple map for me and my T95 as I think I played 90% (or more) of my battles going to the same area. The green path shows it all...
You lock the valley, snipe the usual heavy that stays on the corner of the valley, and is mostly protected from arty shots.
Be patient, and push forward only if the plateau is clear as you can be easily sniped from above, and your cupola and fuel tanks are exposed and very very weak...
Going on the plateau is a pain, as, when reaching the top you still have a long way to go. The central plateau is difficult to access as you have another hilly spot, and often too many mediums. It is possible from (II), but too long and risky if you come straight from (I). It is better to go for the mountain side, where you should meet heavy guys totally protected from arty shots. There, you are in a Himmelsdorf configuration and you will definitely surprise some!!!
Weather can change quickly in Ensk...
Storm or sun will come from the railway and factory side.
Your stance can decide of the outcome of the battle.
You do know that fast tanks will use this half part of the map, and the area is more open than on Ruinberg. It is also the smallest map in WoT with a 600x600 area.
Being ready to intercept invading tanks is my top priority during the first minutes of the game. Anyway, we usually do not wait for long.
For this, I take care to be protected by a non-destructible building/wall (many on start II, and the elevated tank on start I) on 2 of my open side and my back against a wall or obstacle. I must not allow a fast tank to go behind and block me, and allow enough room with the side obstacle for allowing some rotation, but not enough for having a tank going between me and a wall.
When threats is contained, I usually go to the square that is center of the map and start support from ther.
Refrain from going inside the blocks!! Blocks are are mouse traps as you do not have turrets and you are too slow for dancing around short corners...
Rather use open rows for controlling passages from a block to another one...
Like in chess, the central area is a control tower and you can lock it well...
A map I am learning to play. I did not played it much in the T95, and did not played the way I would like either as you are often forced to do unforeseen moves when reacting to urgent threats.
The lowest part of the map- as shown by green paths - is quite obvious, as it is flat and accessible.
But I am still trying to find the potential of a straight attack on the central road (orange path), and also on the access to the middle of the map.
I like the middle of the map as I think tanks in the south are rather neutralizing each others, and you can have a deadly impact when facing an open range with 2 fronts: tanks going to your base from the central part, and help friendly attackers coming from top of the mountain by doing a cross fire...

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On Mountain Pass Base (I), imho it is at least a "yellow" choice to defend glacier in the north. There's usually lots of enemies to shoot at and you can very easily come back to defend base. Only have to be careful with enemy arty, because there's no cover there.

Other than that, I didn't manage to find any differences between your strategies and mine ;)

LittleLILI #8 Posted 27 February 2012 - 08:38 AM

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View Postapo86, on 26 February 2012 - 09:42 PM, said:

On Mountain Pass Base (I), imho it is at least a "yellow" choice to defend glacier in the north. There's usually lots of enemies to shoot at and you can very easily come back to defend base. Only have to be careful with enemy arty, because there's no cover there.

You are very right.
I have edited my 1st post accordingly (end of post) as it is part of the undocumented 10%...
In the case of Mountain Pass, the north path is reserved to experienced players knowing how to stay away from the incoming wave and SPGs as long as you can, as, if you choose this way, it often means that you are alone there...
But sometimes experienced or not, you have to go...

karsun #9 Posted 27 February 2012 - 06:06 PM


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You get a +1 from me sir. I've got the t95 unlocked, gathering credits to buy it (1m away again, since I bought loads of consumables yesterday and a amx 13 75 today).

I'll try to use those tips to survive, I hope to come back here in a few days and tell you if they worked for me :)

Thanks for sharing.

Dan_Abnormal #10 Posted 27 February 2012 - 06:26 PM


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I had 400 battles in mine and agree, mostly, with your tactics. Sold it the other day though as I had just about as much as I could take from the lack of mobility and getting raped by rubbish tanks.

GehakteMolen #11 Posted 27 February 2012 - 06:48 PM

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interesting to read (and +1) im ``stuck`` @ T25 atm (imo its a boring tank) however i still want a T95 some day, but im `afraid` the awefull speed of the T28 and T95 will spoil my fun :P

IronChariot #12 Posted 27 February 2012 - 07:05 PM


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+1 for this very thought-out guide (would give you more +1's but i ran out for today, i'll be back tomorrow tho ;) )

Rollup #13 Posted 28 February 2012 - 10:50 AM

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Very nice guide. Thank you.

Gave you all my pluses for today, so I'm going to try not to read anything good on this forum for the rest of the day. Shouldn't be difficult ;)

apo86 #14 Posted 28 February 2012 - 08:44 PM


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Just delivered my last plus (ran out yesterday).
Guide is now even more awesome than it was when I first got here. Very nice work.

Chack11 #15 Posted 01 March 2012 - 07:48 AM

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Epic guide to the T95, nice work JAPPY.

I can see from your routes, I go the same way in mine most of the time. The T95 is my most played tank as well (although not nearly as many battles in it as you have in yours lol).

Westfield is my least favorite map, as there are no real options there for a T95 except to go for the town, as you also mention in your description of it.

Cpt_Blue #16 Posted 02 March 2012 - 04:22 AM

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I am on my T28 at the moment still grinding to unlock the gun. Credits are saved up for my T95 sometime in the future. It was a good read and will help me get along on my T28 for the time being. Thanks for you time and help. Cheers.

Perzel #17 Posted 07 March 2012 - 09:39 AM

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+1 for this awesome guide, but there is one point i disagree with you. the t95 is no sniper. the gun is unbelievable inaccurat.

Warheart1992 #18 Posted 07 March 2012 - 06:10 PM


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Thank you for the tutorial its very helpfull
As many others I have given all my +1 to you :P .

I got my T95 yesterday , and I hope I can put some of these tactics to the test .


BrusilovX #19 Posted 08 March 2012 - 02:27 PM


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I also found this thread useful as I finally unlocked the T95 and added it to my garage yesterday.

While the T95 is slower than the T28 (I saw 13 kph on the flat at Himmelsdorf)  I feel that it can swivel faster than the T28 which makes protecting it's flanks easier.

I've had six battles so far and lost the first five.  In each battle I was able to make a profit (premium account) so I was dealing out the damage.  There is only so much you can do in a game.  The other players don;t quite understand how slow you are.

I was in a tier 10 game at Redhill and took up a position near the three houses.  A E-100 and a Lowe were also there and we were joined by a Tiger.  We had an E-75 forward of us and I asked the Lowe and E-100 to support it.  In the end the E-75 had to come back as the E-100 and the Lowe liked the house way too much.   The end of the battle was a Jagd Tiger and three SPGs against myself and a GW Panther.  I was able to destroy the JT but we lost the SPG in the process.  I was then artied to death.  At the end of the game our SPG blamed me for the loss due to my 'camping'......

Dublin_Gunner #20 Posted 09 March 2012 - 05:21 PM

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Jappy - you were the first T95 I ever saw in game - and only a day or so after they were introduced (you must have had lots of free XP, or time!!). In fact I think I still have a screen shot of you as I drove beside in my Wolverine :)

I got to my T95 fairly quickly, and loved each of the TD's up to it fro different reasons.

I don't play the T95 all that much, I must admit I have to be in the humour to play it!

I generally do best when using it as an assault gun - NOT defending. I will support the main force, and keep moving, shooting at every enemy that crosses my path.

It can be a very fun tank some games :)

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