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Any one here play Darkest Hour? (warning - big pics!)

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xml0973 #1 Posted 09 March 2012 - 12:23 PM


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(I'm sure this has been mentioned but i had to do it)

After spending countless of hours in WoT and painfully gridning thoose tier Xs i finally fell through after getting the Maus. Became sorta empty and lost most of my interest in the game.
WoT is a fun game, don't get me wrong there but for me it lacks the "reality feeling" of beeing in tank combat...I finally made the decision that I needed something abit more realistic.

After a bit of searching (which resulted in zip) I remebered the good old days when me and my bro where playing Red Orchestra Ostfront and the awesome tank battles we where in, the huge maps, instant deaths and the 1.200m+ shots. So, fired up steam, installed RO and the DH mod and away me went.

Sure, the gfx aint up to WoT standards on a long shot but they aint s*** either. Sure you can't see if the shot penetrated...but hey you will feel it in a more painful way then loosing X% health or a module.

I really enjoy this game, the whole atmospehere with the huge maps and "bulging" terrain...it reeks WWII

- If you turn of the engine you will hear the enemy tanks, but your turret will have to be hand cranked - slower traverse
- The King Tiger is the battlefield King (JT, Tiger, JagdP aint bad either hehe)
- Get penned = almost certain death
- Shoot enemy tanks at 1200m + (get killed from +1200mm too  :o )
- Realistic aiming
- multi tank crews (e.g. several ppl can man one tank)

Then again it lacks some stuff that WoT has but the FEELING of actual combat is much higher for me in DH.

This game has a steep learning curve and the "experten" will own your neewb a** hard which will send you back to the spawn in an instant (after driving for 10 mins to the combat zone). But this is what makes the game so enjoyable and the grind here is not that of tanks or equipment but that of battlefield understanding and skill (of which i possess none yet hehe).

Now for some screenies

The immense maps/world in DH
Posted Image
Sherman spotted
Posted Image
Sherman Firefly sight
Posted Image
The might of the Tiger I
Posted Image

So, anyone here still play this beauty? I'm usually on the Jolly Rodgers server during the evenings, my nick is "stekarn"  :Smile_honoring:


If you haven't tried it and would like to this is what is required:

Steam account/client
Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45 (aquired/installed via steam) (~10 Euro)
Darkest Hour: Europe 44-45 (aquired/installed via steam) (Free)

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