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radeon HD 7570 (2gb) vs geforce gt 545 (3gb ddr5)

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lorre11 #1 Posted 10 March 2012 - 08:18 AM


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So, I'm about to buy a new desktop. I have to choose between to similarly priced desktops whith similar hardware. Just the video cards differ. My questions to you guys is: does the HD 7570 suck, just as I vaguely read on the internet and how much better is the gt 545 (or not?

Sgt_Bones #2 Posted 10 March 2012 - 08:54 AM

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Hmmm, ok, well, both of these cards seem to be a special manufacturers version, in my personal opinion, NEITHER card is worth it. Would it be possible to get for example a GTX560ti or just some better, more gamer friendly card? Because all the comparison pages I found so far (and all actual, up to date comparisons) don't have either of these cards listed, and going by similar numbers and series shows up as being "good enough for the office and facebook games" so seriously, see if you can get yourself a better graphics card mate!

Searched a little bit more, and as a comparison, the 545 is about half as good as a 560ti...which means basically like I said, facebook gamer card, same goes for the ATI card. To put it bluntly, they will work, but not fast, not well, and no, you most likely won't be very happy with either of them.

Captain_Govorov #3 Posted 10 March 2012 - 11:36 PM

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You really can't afford the HD 7750? Then you need to look over your financial situation.

R_O_N_I_N #4 Posted 11 March 2012 - 05:05 AM


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You can use this site for your further investigations:


It gives you a rough overview. Dont take the values for gospel, because there is so much variations in real life (games specifically designed for nvidia or amd), but its good enough to get a first judgement on what card to buy.
I recently bought an amd HD5750 to replace my old 9500GT untill I would buy a new system (a better card wouldnt have made sense in my case as the rest of my system would propably bottleneck a card faster than this).

I am very happy with the HD 5750 so far, I can play Modern Warfare 3 maxed out with 4xAA, Crysis 2 in high settings, Dirt 3 maxed out at 4x AA- everything @1080p of course.
Newer games in directx11 would propably be problematic I think. Here you would go for directx9 mode maxed out. Old titles with directx10/11  like Hawx or world in conflict should run maxed out though.
My initial plan to buy a new PC soon got trashed by the good performance of this card. She will bring me safely over the next 2 years as it seems and I dont need to setup a new pc. For 50 Euros on ebay I turned my aging PC into a machine that beats any PS3 or xBox out there lol.

As long as the new consoles arent out yet, the new games are often ports from PS3 or xBox, and all those games you can play fully maxed out already with this lower end card...
If you need even more, go for HD 5850 which in some cases is 77% faster than my current card.

In my book, it doesnt make any sense to invest into a ultra high card now anyways, as long as the next console generation isnt out yet.
A new HD5850 is available on ebay already for 120 Euros, and from my perspective, anything above that would be a waste at the moment.

I personally tend to AMD cards because they usually deliver more performance for the buck, and use less power.
Nvidia has the advantage, that many games are optimized for it (more than for amd), the drivers are better for nvdia and it has physx, which can really improve the gaming experience.
But thats a personal choice everyone has to make.
Physx can be a really nice feature and if you dont have to look for power consumption and money, you might consider nvdia. Games like Alice Madness Returns and Batman Arkham City really profit from physx effects.
Personally I am gonna stick with AMD though.

You should post the rest of your system, because a card has to fit into it. It doesnt make sense to go for a crossfire system when you only have a pentium4 processor...
Also you should give some info on what you want to do with it. Are you a hardcore gamer or dont you have any clue what anti-aliasing is? =D

You should give some more info really if you want good answers ; )
A simple one liner is not enough for a topic as complicated as this...^^
Kind regards,

P.S.: dont get fooled by "2GB video RAM", "3GB video RAM"... those are values that you usually need only if you want to play in post-fullHD resolutions like for example in multimonitor setups or on a 30" montior  with 2550x ???? resolutions, then you should go for  2 GB of Video Ram.  
If you want to play in 1080p only, 1 GB of video Ram is absolutely sufficient.

lorre11 #5 Posted 22 March 2012 - 01:34 PM


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Well, the computer came as one pre built machine, and even though most of you didn't really rate the videocard highly I did buy the PC with the hd 7570.
I didn't replace it with another more expensive card, not because of my financial situation (which is, really not that bad ^^), but because of the fact that it doesn't really matter whether I buy a gtx 560, in about max a year it'll be old stuff and I'll have to replace it. With this card I get to replace it within half a year or so with something that'll perform quite a bit better than the gtx 560 and won't be as expensive.
I can run battlefield 3 at high settings and textures and some other things on max if I turn the AA down to 4. So: Video card's good enough for me :)

I'm quite happy with the computer as it's performance is quite impressive. Hell, even it's specs are quite impressive compared to my 1,5 year old laptop
(intel i 7 2600, 8 gb ddr 3 ram, 1 TB @ 7200 RPM, USB 3.0, radeon HD 7570 = +- HD 6570)vs (intel i3, 4 gb ddr3 ram, 250 gb @ 5400 RPM, Intel HD graphics  [I still have nightmares about it])
A friend once challenged me to open all programs at the same time (except for the graphics demanding games, but including photoshop, etc) and play battlefield 3. No problem. CPU got just barely 60 ° C and was working just under 60%. No lag or fps drops at all.

Happy tanking


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